Skin Care August 7, 2015

Your Home + Your Skin

We all lead busy lives where we’re constantly on the move, always have something on our minds, and it can be hard to find a minute to think. Does this sound like your life? If it does, you may be noticing that you are neglecting taking care of some of the most common things around the house which may actually be affecting your skin. The best thing you can do is to create a chart, post it on your fridge or bulletin board, and be sure to tackle that list on a specific time frame each day or every week. Let’s take a look at some of the most common things we forget to take care of, or things that may be wreaking havoc on our skin, in today’s article.

Woman cleaning furniture

Cleaning Your Furniture
Believe it or not, furniture can hold lots of germs and potential allergens. The severity of these two being found within or on your couch or other furniture is based upon the material in which your furniture is, as well as how often you clean it. It can also vary depending upon how many people live in your house, how many people sit on that piece of furniture and how long. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your furniture so as not to ruin or destroy the materials in the cleaning process.

Woman cleaning smartphone.

Sanitizing Your Cell Phone
One thing many people fail to remember to do is to sanitize their cell phones on a daily basis. You can do this by breaking out a sanitizing all surface wipe, putting a bit of isopropyl rubbing alcohol onto a cotton cloth such as a paper towel, and cleaning your phone thoroughly once per day when you get home for the day. This will prevent you from getting sick, and also keep harmful bacteria away from your cheeks and face.

Woman changing bedsheets

Changing Your Sheets
Changing your sheets is something we all do – but maybe not often enough. Did you know that you are supposed to be changing your bed sheets every three days? This prevents your skin from absorbing old oils and bacteria that has soaked within the sheets while we sleep, as well as dust and debris from other entities. Be sure to always wash your sheets in hot water, and throw them into a dryer on high heat to remove all oils and debris from the sheets, and to kill any germs or bacteria that may be left behind.

Woman cleaning ventilation system.

Changing Central Air Filters
If you’re one of the privileged people who has a central heating and cooling unit in your home, it’s important to remember to always properly change your air filters, and be sure to have your air ducts cleaned out once every 6 months or so by professionals to ensure dust, allergens, and dirty air are removed from you and your family’s breathing zones. Many times, old air filters also trap odors you’d rather rid your house from – so by changing your filters, you could eliminate a horrible smell from your home.

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