Skin Care April 17, 2017

Your Guide to Gorgeous Feet

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Spring and summer are the best time of year to rock your favorite sandals and open toed shoes. As we step into the warm weather seasons and begin enjoying a whole different set of footwear it can leave us feeling a bit insecure about the state of our feet after they’ve been trapped in boots all winter. Fortunately, we’ve uncovered some great tips to help step up your foot care routine. Don’t have a foot care routine? Now’s the time to start one! We’ve created your guide to gorgeous feet to get those feet in tip top shape for your favorite sandals.

Soak Your Feet
The thing about our feet is the skin on our feet tends to be a bit rougher and thicker than the skin on the rest of our bodies. To get those gorgeous feet you need to do a nice soak to get your skin softened and allow you to go about some of the follow-up steps we have for you. Experts suggest soaking your feet for 15-20 minutes in warm water (not hot!).

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You can add some soothing additives to your soak if you want to really get some soaking benefits for your skin. Adding essential oils to your warm water soak can be a great way to really create that spa-like feeling with your experience and get some additional benefits from the oils.

Exfoliate Your Feet
So often we hear about exfoliating our skin, but it’s typically discussing our facial skin. The truth is your feet need exfoliating too! Especially when your feet have been locked up in boots and closed toed shoes for a while. One of the best ways to really get rid of some of the calluses you have along with the dead skin is by exfoliating your feet. Exfoliating your feet is going to be best when done after you’ve soaked your feet. Your skin is going to be nice and softened so it’ll be much easier to remove a lot of the dead skin cells and calluses from your feet than when your skin is dry. Depending on your feet sensitivity you can use anything from a pumice stone to a foot scrub to get some exfoliating elements into your foot care. The best part is your feet will feel like new after you’ve exfoliated them.

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Add Some Moisture
Once you’ve soaked and exfoliated your feet it’s time to lock in the moisture and make sure to get your feet looking and feeling soft. After exfoliating your feet, apply a nice moisturizing product. Since your feet have skin that’s much thicker than other parts of your body, you can use a moisturizing product that’s much heavier weight as well. You can use an actual foot cream, or a regular moisturizing product. As long as it’s something that’s formulated to really focus on moisturizing and adding hydration into your skin.

Naturally, doing all this wouldn’t be complete without picking your favorite nail polish color and adding it to your freshly gorgeous feet!

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