Beauty March 30, 2017

Your Beauty Tools Require Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your skin and beauty requires multiple different products and tools to really make sure you’re able to make the most of your efforts and the products that you use. While we often hear and talk about the products and tools that we’re using, we’ve realized that there’s not a lot of chatter about the fact that your beauty tools require routine maintenance. The thing is, our beauty tools really do require maintenance on their own. When we don’t maintain our beauty tools, they can begin to affect our skin and beauty in a negative way.

Your Makeup Brushes
When was the last time you washed your brushes? Ok, ok you don’t have to actually answer that. We know that many women tend to neglect the maintenance of their makeup brushes but it’s time to put a maintenance routine into the mix with those trusted brushes you use daily. When using makeup brushes you’re constantly using them on your skin (your skin has oil and bacteria, even when you keep it clean) so when we don’t maintain them they can get built up with a lot of bacteria, oil and dirt that can break down the tools themselves and cause us to have breakouts in our skin. Many experts suggest that one of the easiest ways to clean your makeup brushes is by using a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo in your palm and swirling the brushes around and rinsing them under luke warm water to get rid of the product and build up that’s in the brushes. Lay them out to dry flat and you’re good to go! The key is making sure that you’re in the habit of maintaining and cleaning your brushes consistently to keep them clean and your skin healthy.

If you use tweezers at all, these are another beauty tool that really needs more maintenance to keep your skin healthy. Because tweezers are removal tools, many of us don’t really even think about maintaining them or cleaning them. But just like any other tool that we use for our skin, we need to keep them clean and well maintained to make sure we’re keeping our skin healthy. It’s suggested that all you need to do is use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and rub the cotton swab all over the tweezers. It’s best to do this after every time you use them to make sure that you’re keeping them sanitized and healthy for your next use.

Makeup Sponges
Similar to the makeup brushes, makeup sponges can get built up with bacteria and oil when you don’t make it a point to maintain and clean them properly. Experts suggest that you make it a point to clean your makeup sponges once a week at the least, but preferably after every time you use them. They’re not difficult to clean and maintain, either. You’re going to clean it similar to your makeup brushes, but the key is to make sure that the soap or cleanser that you’re using is free of sulfates. Add some of the soap/ cleanser to your hand and dampen the sponge, rub the soap/cleanser into the sponge when it’s wet and squeeze it while rinsing under water.

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