Skin Care January 28, 2017

Winter Skin Saviors

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Winter blues have your skin feeling a little blah?  We’re all right there with you!  The winter tends to come with different weather, and changes to our skin.  While you may be feeling like you have to just chalk up the winter skin blues as part of the winter season, we’re all about eliminating those frustrations and getting glowing skin all year round.  We thought it was the perfect time to share some of our favorite winter skin saviors.  Because you know we’re all about sharing the wealth in beauty tips – here’s to glowing skin the rest of the winter!

Hydrating Mask Treatments
You know that exfoliating your skin is an essential part of any skin care routine.  Hopefully, you’re on an exfoliating routine with your skin care routine to get the results from that step.  However, during this time of year, so many of us tend to struggle with some major skin dryness.  So often it feels like no matter how much moisturizer you apply it just doesn’t seem to be enough.  One of the best winter skin saviors for this struggle is incorporating a hydrating facial mask treatment.  These treatment masks are specifically designed to add a major dose of hydration to your skin, which can be exactly the dose your skin needs to feel more nourished and hydrated this time of year.

Body Scrubs
Similar to our lips, the rest of the skin on our bodies needs a little TLC this time of year to fight some of the dryness you may be experiencing.  Body scrubs are such a great way to help fight some of that, and again helps your body to better absorb that moisturizer you apply daily.  Since our skin is dry all over, body scrubs are great to keep in your shower to use 1-2 times a week to get your skin nice and smooth, and get rid of some of the dryness you have.

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Lip Exfoliating Products
Chapped lips are always a major struggle this time of year.  Doesn’t it seem like every year they just continue to be a bit of a pest to your daily life?  Well, one of our musts for a winter skin savior has got to be a lip exfoliating product.  Just like our skin needs exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and help with dryness, our lips do as well.  Exfoliating our lips can be a really great way to help your lips better absorb your lip balms that you apply and eliminate a lot of the dryness you’re fighting.

Body Butters
We’ve established that our skin needs moisture during the winter months, and if you’ve been using moisturizers on your body and feel like they’re just not cutting it, you may want to give a body butter a try.  Since our skin is lacking so much moisture this time of year because of the climate, adding moisturizers that are thicker and creamier can often be the answer for this struggle.  Body butters tend to be really great for that exact situation.

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