Skin Care January 21, 2017

Winter Skin Care For Darker Skin Tones

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The winter tends to have a different effect on our skin than the other seasons, which is why it’s so important that we make necessary adjustments to our skin care routines.  Regardless of your skin tone or type it’s essential to make sure that you’re keeping your skin care routine consistent to YOUR skin’s needs.  We all have different needs for our skin, if you have a darker skin tone you’ve probably noticed some changes in your skin during the winter months.  We thought we would share some of our favorite winter skin care for darker skin tones to help ensure your skin is glowing and vibrant all winter long.

Increase Your Moisturizing Routine
We don’t have to tell you that your skin is likely feeling quite a bit more dry this time of year, typically darker skin tones tend to notice dryness in the skin pretty quickly.  This is why it’s crucial to make sure your moisturizing routine is in check this time of year.  Most experts suggest switching your moisturizing products to those that are much more thick and creamy since your skin needs the extra boost this time of year.  Make sure you’re applying a moisturizer to your skin every morning and evening, and for the best results for moisturizing your entire body – apply a quality moisturizer right after you get out of the shower when your skin is soft.

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Watch Your Showers
Like we said above, we all tend to get pretty dry this time of year and the weather tends to be really dry.  In addition, with the cooler temperatures outside, we all have a tendency of wanting to hop into a hot shower for a while to warm up.  If that’s you, you’re going to need to make a little adjustment.  The hot water, and being in the hot water for too long can cause your skin to become even more dry and strip it of its natural oils.  We get it’s tempting and feels great, but switching up your shower routine to only around 5 minutes and keeping the water temperature to warm instead of hot is going to do wonders for your skin.

Don’t Skip the SPF
Even if you have darker skin tone, it is important to make sure you’re applying SPF on a daily basis.  So many with darker skin feel that this is a skin care step they can skip, but experts suggest that everyone, regardless of your skin tone, needs to be applying SPF on a daily basis.  Yes, that even means during the winter months.  Although the sun may not seem to be as strong or out as long as during the winter months it can still do damage to your skin.  So make sure that you’re applying SPF to your skin on a daily basis to protect your skin all winter long.

Finally, we can’t forget to mention the importance of making sure that you’re being gentle on your skin. While it’s tempting to be a bit more harsh and use products that are a bit on the harsh side because our skin is so dry, resist the temptation and make sure you’re gentle.

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