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Will Makeup Hide Blush?

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Blushing can happen for a number of reasons, whether you get hot or nervous/ embarrassed it always seems to happen at an inconvenient time.  However, it’s not something we have control over or can stop from happening.  But since it does happen at inconvenient times you’ve probably wondered at least a time or two if it’s possible to cover blushing with makeup – problem solved, right?  We’ve found a few suggestions to help you figure out whether or not your blushing can be covered with makeup, or not.

True Blushing
Many experts have said if you have true blushing that’s the result of getting nervous, embarrassed, or hot that it’s not something you can cover with makeup.  Many people even suggest not wanting to cover it up – because it is part of you, after all!  Because it’s not something that occurs regularly it can require some extra makeup to cover and all in all many suggest it’s not worth it.

More Consistent Blushing
Now if you’re someone who has blushing from rosacea or more consistent redness in your skin there are some things you can do to cover the blush in your skin.  The first thing is to use a color correcting product before applying your foundation.  Because you’re looking to cover red/pink you’re going to want to use a green tinted concealer or primer to cancel out the redness.  Again, this is the step you’re going to do before applying foundation.  Now since you don’t have redness over ALL of your skin, just apply the green product to the areas that have the most redness.  This will help create a more balanced base skin color to start with.  Once you’ve applied the green concealer/primer go ahead and apply your foundation as normal.

Now it’s really up to you if you feel you want to use the green product if you experience the first form of blushing.  If you feel you blush in the same areas fairly often, it’s worth a try.  However, you want to be sure you’re light with the products you’re using.  Since you will be layering products, it can quickly turn into too much makeup.  So keep a light hand with the products and make sure you blend really well to make sure you’re left with a natural look that isn’t too much.  Remember, makeup is really meant to enhance your natural features not completely hide you and what makes you, you.  While blushing can be embarrassing and annoying at times because it does tend to happen at the worst times, it’s worth noting that almost everyone blushes at inconvenient times.  And you know what?  That’s ok!  We’re all human and we’re not perfect.

Keeping these tips in mind, hopefully, you’re feeling a bit more comfortable with what to do to cover your blushing – or just working with it!  Now that you know some of the most commonly used ways to cover blushing, what do you think?  Will you give it a try?  Do you have any tricks to cover blushing?

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