Beauty December 14, 2016

Why The Angels Love Their Gold

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have always been known as some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Since the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was recently, there’s a lot of focus around the Angels right now and…let’s face it, how they’re able to maintain their beauty in such a phenomenal way.  It seems like they just don’t age and constantly have  the most perfect skin you’ve ever seen.  We recently came across a beauty trick that we’ve discovered some of the angels are doing for their skin, so naturally we wanted to share our findings with you.  We’re chatting about why angels love their gold – yes, gold!

woman with gold face mask

Gold masks have been seen on the faces of the Victoria’s Secret Angels in their days leading up to the big show.  You may have seen some of their posts on social media showing off this gold mask.  If you’re where we are…we were wondering what the benefits of these gold masks really are.  You know that using a facial mask in your skin care routine can be incredibly beneficial.  Facial masks in general have really been found to do wonders for skin, with exfoliating, getting a deeper clean, and really adding more moisture into the skin.  So when we saw that a facial mask was getting an upgrade with the use of gold, it had us wondering what this actually does and how it’s different from any other facial mask.

The particular gold masks that the Angels have been using are made of gold leaf.  And these gold leaf masks have been found to do pretty incredible things for the skin when used properly.  Some of the highlights from the gold masks include helping the skin to have more elasticity, tone, and improve the overall texture of the skin.  In addition to these benefits, gold (which is also known as a precious metal of sorts) has actually been found to reduce any inflammation you may have in your skin….which is also said to help reduce the signs of aging from coming up.  The reduction in skin inflammation is a big difference in benefits from many other masks that you can find on the market.  While many facial masks can help with anti-aging properties, exfoliating and adding moisture into the skin, there are very few that really have the major benefit of lowering the inflammation that you may have in your skin.  Inflammation in the skin has been found to really cause premature aging signs to pop up around the skin, because it has such a negative effect on your body and skin.  So this is a definite plus!

It is important to consider any sensitivity that you may have in your skin, especially when looking to use something like a gold mask.  If you have any reactions or breakouts from wearing gold jewelry, you could likely have a similar breakout from using a mask like this.  Regardless of the type of facial mask you’re thinking about incorporating into your beauty routine, they have incredible benefits that can do wonders for your skin.

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