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When to Expect Your First Wrinkle

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Ahhhhh the stress of aging.  None of us really want to get older, once we reach adulthood the inevitable thought of aging starts becoming more of a reality.  Naturally, with coming older is often the association of getting wrinkles – not sure which one is more frightful.  But the truth is, we’re human beings and we’re going to get wrinkles.  Since it’s our reality, we thought we would take a little walk down when to expect your first wrinkle and see what you can actually do about it.  Hey, just because we know it’s bound to happen doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared!

When to Expect It
While every person is different and getting wrinkles and aging skin has so many different contributing factors, most skin care experts suggest that your first wrinkle is likely to appear sometime between the ages of 25 and 35.  It’s likely a big gap in age because of how many different factors contribute to wrinkles appearing.  If you haven’t gotten your first wrinkle yet, ask your family members when they first started getting wrinkles.  Genetics can be a major factor in when your skin starts to obtain wrinkles.  Additionally, take your lifestyle into consideration.  If you smoke or have spent a great deal of time in the sun or don’t get enough sleep these can all be factors that can promote wrinkles to popping up earlier in your life.

Some Preventative Tips
Ok so even if you’ve already gotten your first wrinkle, you’re going to want to do as much as you can to prevent more from creeping in.  Start incorporating (if you haven’t already) some high-quality anti-aging skin care products, make sure you’re constantly staying well hydrated, and clean up your diet.  These are some of the most important lifestyle factors that come into play as they relate to anti-aging skin care and avoiding as many wrinkles as you can.  Of course, practicing safe sun protection should go without saying – but we have to mention it anyways.  Chances are if you start really ramping these things up prior or just as you’re getting your first wrinkle you can minimize the appearance and elongate your time between getting another.

What to Do About the One You’ve Got
Ok, so you’ve got your first wrinkle.  You’re probably thinking “what’s the quickest way to get rid of this?”  While in our search most experts suggest not doing anything too drastic as it’s often not necessary, finding some anti-aging specific skin care treatments can do wonders for eliminating wrinkles now.  With so many options available you’re bound to find something that will fit your needs.  Additionally, even getting on a regular schedule to seeing your trusted aesthetician can be another great addition to your skin care routine.  Often times aestheticians have access to treatments and products that you can’t get from at-home products.  So you’re able to get great results!

Most importantly, remember it’s just one wrinkle!  Make healthy, smart choices with your skin as soon as you can to try to prevent them from popping up as long as possible.

Did you find a product or treatment that did wonders for your first wrinkle?

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