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What’s the Deal With V Masks?

Woman wearing facial mask

When the subject of masks comes up, a lot of people think of Halloween costumes, however there is another type of mask that has surely been around as long as Halloween costumes, and probably a lot longer, judging on how the oldest of ancient civilizations have recorded using a variety of ingredients to beautification purposes, with a focus on perfecting skin care. In an unending quest to discover the “fountain of youth,” the world stands permanently poised in wait for the next big thing, and right now, with no signs of close followers, it’s K-beauty, all the way. Korean beauty products might be formulated to include bamboo sap, pearl powders, caviar, fermented snail byproducts and more.

K Beauty all Began With BB
Pick up a copy of the latest Forbes or Fortune mag, and you’ll likely read about the massive wave of South Korean technological advancements in skin care. With the Korean beauty industry poised to net in excess of over 44 billion this year alone, there’s obviously something noteworthy that’s responsible here. It all began with the 2011 BB creams to hit U.S. markets–which Korean women have been using for over 20 years now. In looking at the astoundingly flawless complexions of Korean women, inquiring minds want to know what else we’ve been missing, regarding Korean beauty products and techniques. For anyone yet familiar with BB (beauty balms), they are all-in-one skin care/makeup hybrid formulations that moisturize, blur, conceal and effectively shield from the sun. One product, one step. Smart thinking.

On to the Jaw
Now, South Korea has our attention–and we want what they have. Welcome, if you will, the V-mask. These unique cosmetics sheets work like under eye patches that you can use on your chin. They purport to redefine your chin by creating a firmer, more sculpted jawline. While initially created for Korean women desiring a youthful appearance for their aging jawlines, women everywhere want the same benefit. Cosmetics pros from V-mask manufacturers claim that these innovative strips can lift, define and shape the entire chin area and deliver a youthful silhouette to the face; no surgery needed.

What They Are
V-strips are another innovative hybrid that integrates the best attributes of a sheet mask, under-eye patch and a chin strap. With holes designed on each end to secure around the ears, this is what hold the V-mask in place. Made of lightweight and comfortable fabric that is infused with the active ingredients for firming action, you’ll find key ingredients like collagen, vitamins C and E, enriching oils like macadamia nut oil and surprisingly, caffeine. The fabric of these masks can be fibrous compositions made from a variety of components, from cotton fibers to natural, unprocessed botanicals like seaweed and kelp.

The Put-On
The whole benefit could be found in the process of simply applying the mask, which verifiably gives your jawline a workout by sucking in the skin and increasing the flow of blood to the jaw area. Imagine putting Spanks on your skin, tightness-wise, at least. The good news is that once on and in place, you can “set it and forget it.” There is no special anything needed after you have the mask in place. While users report numerous wonderful benefits, most seem to be temporary, but still, this mask is non-surgical, and you can enjoy the benefits from continued use.

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