Skin Care August 8, 2016

What Your Lip Color Reveals About Your Health

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You’ve likely heard before that our skin can reveal a lot about your health, but there’s been a lot coming out to show that your lip color can reveal different things about your health as well.  It’s becoming more and more aware that our internal health and state of health shows signs in other ways, like our external appearance(s).  It’s said that telling a person’s health by their lips is something that’s been practiced for quite some time in traditional Eastern medicine.  Experts suggest that the natural, healthy color of lips should be pink so if the color ranges outside of that it could be an indication of other problems.

Light Pink
While you want your lips to be a natural pink, if they’re a very pale pink it’s been found that it can actually be a sign of anemia.  Essentially, your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells and the best first step is to increase your intake of vitamin C and foods that are rich in iron.

Purple Edges
If you notice the edges of your lips are a purple color, it’s been found to mean that your body isn’t balanced fully.  The dark purple edge lip color can also be included with feeling different body temperature changes.  Experts suggest that to help this, you need to really make sure you’re eating a healthy balanced diet that are easy on anything that’s too strong in flavor or temperature.

All Over Purple
You may notice lips that are purple all over (not just the edges), what experts in this area of health say is this is actually a sign of digestion problems.  To help with this, obviously you’re going to need to get your digestion system on track which means incorporating more fiber and try avoiding anything that’s overly processed, greasy or too much dairy to try to clear things up for yourself.

Purple/ Green
While this is a color that can arise/change to become prominent to show health problems, it’s also something that can occur when you’re exposed to very cold weather.  Before worrying, pay attention to how often this color of lips is showing up.  If it is consistent, experts have said that it’s something that could be happening with your lungs and/or heart – if this is the case it may be worth seeking your medical professional.

Super Red
You want pink lips, but if they’re red (abnormally red) then it’s something that can be showing us some different signs.  Most experts have suggested that red lips are an indication that your liver is actually overly functioning, which isn’t necessarily good.  You’ll want to ask your medical professional for assistance if you’re experiencing this.

Did you realize there were so many variations of lip colors?  We were shocked to discover some of these!  But, it’s a great way to learn a little more about your health and your body.  There are so many ways for us to determine our true health condition.

Have you ever noticed a lip color change and find out what the reason behind it was?

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