Skin Care October 25, 2016

What Everyone Should Know About Basic Skin Care

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Let’s face it, when it comes to skin care there’s SO much information readily available it can leave a lot of us overwhelmed and wondering what’s actually legit information.  Sure there are a ton of quality products, techniques and other ways that have come about to take care of your skin and its health.  But what about the basics?  Do you even know the basics of skin care?  We know the skin care and beauty world can become a lot, so we thought we’d real it in for you and share what everyone should know about basic skin care to help you start with that solid foundation before you add on all the extras.

The Sun Wreaks Havoc on our Skin
We love the sunshine and sun just as much as anyone else…it feels great and it’s always a bright way to enjoy the day.  But unfortunately, our skin DOESN’T love the sun.  In fact, the sun is said to be one of the primary causes of premature aging, and can have a major effect on your skin’s health (i.e. even lead to cancer).  Experts suggest minimizing the time you’re out in the sun, and staying out of it as much as you can when the sun is at its peak (between 10 am and 4 pm).  In addition, get in the habit of using SPF products and adapting proper sun protection habits as soon as you can to help keep your skin free of sun damage as much as possible.

Avoid Anything that Causes Irritation or Dryness
In addition to the sun wreaking havoc on our skin, using products and things that cause our skin to become irritated or dry also do a number on our skin.  Even if your skin isn’t traditionally sensitive, any time we use products that can cause irritation in our skin isn’t wise.  Generally, using products that are made with dyes tend to be common culprits of causing irritation and dryness in the skin.  Aim for using skin care products that are gentle on the skin and soothing, instead of drying or irritating.  When we irritate our skin too much it can lead to other problems arising down the line.  In addition, when we use things that cause a lot of dryness to occur in our skin it leads to an increase in the appearance of aging signs and affects the overall appearance of our skin.

Check Yourself and Your Skin
When it comes to our skin, many of us have the nasty habit of picking at our skin especially when dealing with any acne breakouts.  But that’s actually one of the worst things we can do to our skin!  When we pick and touch our skin too much it adds oil, dirt and grim to our face and can cause scarring to occur over time.  So, keep your hands OFF your face as much as possible.  In addition, it’s suggested that we get our skin checked regularly for any abnormalities and make sure you’re being aware of any changes you see occurring in your skin.  Finding things early on can help you from dealing with major struggles down the line.

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