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What Are Splash Masks?

Life for everyone in today’s world continues to produce shrinking days that transition into shrinking nights that form an endless stream of time-deficient people who would give anything to somehow be able to add back to their time allotment a few hours each day. While there has been no progress in the area of time stretching, the next best thing is certainly nothing to sneeze at–and the products and processes that enable people to spend considerably less time on any given pursuit are among the most welcome of innovations possible. Enter the new sensation that is making a big splash–literally–on faces everywhere. The splash mask is here!

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The Mask–or The Non-Mask That Makes the Splash Mask Difference
Neither a true splash nor a mask, in terms of the long-standing definitions, this incredible product/process comes to the beauty world, thanks to the Koreans, who came up with a highly effective procedure that manages to do its thing in 30 seconds, rivaling other, equal skin-nourishing procedures that take around 30 minutes to perform. The product or mask is actually a blend of highly concentrated serums taken from botanicals and lactic acid. Lauded for its super-effective skin benefits and anti-aging power, lactic acid is a prevalently used alpha hydroxy acid in many leading skin care products today. Antioxidants are only part of the skin-benefitting effects of this AHA. The humectant glycerin is added to these skin care powerhouses, which serves as a wonderful emulsifying agent that moisturizes and forms a nice barrier for the skin.

Not as Expensive as You Might at First be Led to Believe
The blends available for this process all smell Heavenly and might at first shock many splash shoppers with their high price tag, however, the product is diluted with 100 parts water for use, winding up with a little less than a capful depleted at each splash session. At this rate, your splash purchase will last a long time, surely giving you your money’s worth in skin brightening and clearing results. Coming from an ages old practice by Korean women whereby water infused with rice or flour would be used to splash their faces after cleaning, for a skin glowing effect. The fuel for its rise to such popularity comes from its obvious skin-perfecting power.

The Splash
In shopping for your splash mask blend, be prepared to find an assortment of bottles containing what appears to be more like a toner in terms of consistency, within a varied lineup of mostly yummy fruity smelling scents. There are a few different angles to the splash mask process, with the one performed using a bowlful of diluted product being the most mainstream of all. After thoroughly cleansing your face and towel drying, you can perform your splash mask. With the diluted product-water mix in a bowl placed in the sink, you begin by splashing the nourishing water on your face and neck, followed by vigorous patting, all over for a few seconds. Continue this splash-patting sequence for around 30 seconds, finishing with a patting effort that leaves your skin slightly damp. Allow your face to air dry, and once dry, you’ll love the way your face feels: ultra-hydrated, soft, supple and super clean.

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