Beauty Skin Care December 16, 2016

Venom for Your Skin?

In the skin care world, things are constantly changing.  It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new it product or ingredient that’s being used in skin care like never before.  You know here at Lionesse since we’re all about skin care and keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest, we love sharing all our findings with you.  So recently, when we found out one of the latest it skin care ingredients is venom…we had to share some of the details because this is a new one for us!


Since venom is known as a poisonous substance from different animals that aren’t always known as the most friendly.  This is why we were really surprised to find out that venom has grown in use and popularity in the skin care world.  Typically, there are two different types of venom being used in skin care products – either from bees or snakes.  And yes, the venom is from these actual animals themselves.  Some findings have found that bee venom can be quite beneficial for those that suffer from acne breakouts.  Why?  Well for starters it’s an antibacterial type of ingredient.  In addition, it’s been found to do wonders for inflammation in the skin, so those that suffer from eczema breakouts have found relief from using bee venom products as they help to reduce inflammation in their skin.  Although, bee venom isn’t just great for acne and inflammation struggles, it’s also said to help with anti-aging properties because it’s said to help increase collagen production in the skin.  Pretty powerful ingredient, right?

Since we mentioned that snake venom is also commonly used, we have to chat about the benefits of that as well!  The snake venom has been found to do some different things for the skin…like actually paralyze the muscle it’s applied to.  Wondering what the benefits are to paralyzing muscles?  It’s believed that when you paralyze a muscle it prevents those areas from developing wrinkles and lines that can often be formed when the muscles move consistently over time.  In fact, some studies have actually found that the use of snake venom in skin care products does prevent muscle movement in the same way that products like Botox do.  However, many have found that the results of the muscle paralysis doesn’t last quite as long as they do when done via botox or other types of filling products like it.  Users have reported noticing a difference in their muscle movement anywhere from 10-15 minutes to a few hours.

Truly what these venom based products do for the skin is get the blood flowing more freely and consistently.  Which is likely why so many users experience results, when we increase the blood flow in our skin our skin is able to function and heal itself much easier.  Some experts suggest that if you’re not down with the needle method for some of these types of results, venom based products can be a great alternative.

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