Skin Care June 9, 2016

Uguisu Facial

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Beauty trends and treatments are constantly changing.  It seems like every time we think we’ve caught up to all the latest beauty treatments there’s a new one that pops up out of nowhere.  Some sound amazing, while some treatments leave us thinking…”really?”  But that’s really where all the fun is with the beauty industry isn’t it?  We never know what they’re going to come up with next and no matter how crazy treatments get we can’t wait to find out the latest and great the industry has to offer.  We’re going to take a look at a beauty treatment that’s definitely raised some eyebrows, the uguisu facial.

What is It?
The Uguisu facial is also known as the geisha facial as it’s originally from Japan.  The reason this particular facial is raising eyebrows around the world is because it’s actually done using Nightingale droppings.  That’s right, actual droppings from a Nightingale.  It’s been said that the use of the Nightingale droppings helps to minimize the size of pores, blemishes, and give the skin a gorgeous glow.  The reason it’s also known as the geisha facial is because the geishas have been using the technique of utilizing Nightingale droppings to remove their very heavy makeup and found it to be incredibly effective.  Not only did geishas find the droppings effective in removing makeup but found that it actually helped their skin’s overall appearance.

How Does it Actually Work?
You’re probably thinking there’s no way you want bird droppings on your face for a ‘facial.’  They don’t use the droppings in the way you’re likely imagining.  What experts actually do is use dried droppings that have been made into an extremely fine powder.  Prior to being created into a fine powder they’re collected from a special farm in Japan and dried under an ultraviolet light.  The Nightingale powder actually contains a specific enzyme that works extremely well with the human skin, giving users the major benefits that have been found by using it.

If you’re interested in trying out the Ugusiu facial but no skin care specialist in your area is providing the treatment there are actually now at-home skin care masks and treatments you can use that are made with the Nightingale ingredient that is so sought after with these facials.  While this particular facial may seem out of the box there are many celebrities that are rumored to be huge fans of this specific skin care treatment.  It’s important to note that although the facial is done using Nightingale droppings the process is said to indeed be sanitary and healthy for the skin.  Just as any specific skin care treatment it’s wise that you go to an industry leading expert and someone who truly understands what they’re doing and the ingredients that they’re applying  to your face.  It really is amazing to see how people find skin care results from the most out-of-the-box ingredients.  Would you have ever guessed people in Japan were using Nightingale droppings for their facials?  Would you try this?

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