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Try These Home Manicure Steps for Beautiful Hands

woman shaping nail

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh manicure.  Although so many of us ladies enjoy the luxury of getting our nails done – it’s not always possible to make it out to the salon to indulge in the beauty service.  While it isn’t something that we’re always able to step away to make a formal appointment for, we don’t think that beautiful hands should be something that you can only achieve after heading into the salon.  We’re all about the at home beauty services, and doing things ourselves.  Yes, we believe you can get great results from an at home manicure.  Not sure how?  Try these home manicure steps for beautiful hands…

Create The Nail Shape
Of course, since we are talking about a manicure it’s best to first start by creating the nail shape you want.  If you need to trim your nail length you’ll want to do that first.  After you’ve cut your nails to the length that you want follow that step by filing them to really create the nail shape you desire for your nails.  This also helps to create a smoother edge to your nails.

Prep Your Nails
After you’ve cut and filed your nails it’s time to really get to prepping your nails for the real manicure portion of the process.  To do so, you’re going to want to remove any prior nail polish color or anything that you have on your nails.  Make sure you do this on a surface that’s protected from the nail polish remover that you may be using.  After you remove any polish you have on your nails, make sure to wash your hands after to remove any leftover residue there may be on your nails.  Now that your nails are free of any polish, soften up the cuticle area of your nails by applying an oil or lotion to the cuticle area of the nails.  While many people feel the need to remove your cuticles they’re actually there to serve the purpose of keeping bacteria out so you don’t want to trim them off.  Should you feel the need, you can push them back a bit after you’ve softened them.

Now that your nails and cuticles are nice and prepped it’s time to really get those beautiful hands going.  You’re going to do this by exfoliating your hands.  Exfoliating is going to help eliminate any dead skin cells, smooth the surface of your skin, and get your hands a nice boost of moisture that they’re likely craving.  Use a great hand exfoliating product and really take your time here.  Once you’ve thoroughly applied the exfoliant to your hands rinse it off and apply a nice moisturizing product to your hands shortly after to lock in the moisture.

woman painting nails

Add Your Polish
Once your hands are exfoliated and moisturized, you’re now free to start applying the polish you want added to your nails.  Experts suggest starting with a clear base coat, and giving that a few minutes to dry before applying the color.  After you’ve applied any color you want, make sure to apply a top coat to keep the color on for a while.

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