Skin Care March 28, 2017

Try Foods With High H2O Levels For Glowing Skin

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We’re making our way towards the spring and summer months, and after the winter weather we just faced many of us are feeling like we lost a lot of the natural glow in our skin. You’re probably starting to feel like you want to get some of that glow back into your skin, but the truth is there’s only so much using certain skin care products can do for that. Experts are continuing to emphasize the fact that what we eat can have a major impact on our skin, it’s health and it’s appearance. If you want glowing skin, you may want to try foods with high H2O levels for glowing skin.

There’s nothing that says summer like melon fruit, and it turns out there’s a reason for that deeper than because they’re in season! Experts suggest that melons are pretty high in H2O levels, and they’ve been found to work wonders on helping your skin get that gorgeous glow you’re looking to achieve. Just so you’re clear, when we say melons we’re referring to watermelons, honeydew and even mangos. It’s been found that these types of fruits contain an ingredient called carotenoids, this particular ingredient has been found to help improve the overall skin tone and help to add more moisture into the skin. Both of these traits play a major role in helping you get that glowing skin.


Another food that’s incredibly high in H2O and adding really wonderful hydrating benefits. Incorporating grapefruit is going to give you a lot of added hydration into your skin to help you get that glow. But in addition to the hydration benefits, it’s also loaded with powerful antioxidants that help to add protection to the skin that helps fight a lot of harmful things our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Because we’re exposed to things like free radicals and pollutants on a daily basis, these things can cause us to lack glow in our skin. The antioxidants protect our skin from those elements helping us to maintain and achieve much more glow in our skin.

This food may surprise you, but it’s very high in H20 levels! Zucchini has been considered as one of the most hydrated foods you can eat because of its high H20 levels. The fact that zucchini is so hydrating is going to be incredibly beneficial to help achieve glowing skin. Glowing skin is skin that’s very well hydrated. Aside from zucchini being incredibly hydrating for the skin, it’s also loaded with great sources of other vitamins like vitamin A and C. The added benefits of the vitamins are crucial in helping your skin maintain and achieve its optimal health to really get your skin glowing much better.

Of course there are a lot of different factors that come into play when you want to achieve glowing skin. It’s important to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy skin care routine in addition to incorporating some of these great H20 high foods.

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