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Treating Iron Burns On The Face and Neck

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If you’re an avid curling iron or flat iron user, you’ve probably spent many times worrying about burning yourself.  Most of us have burned ourselves at one point or another when using these heated hair styling tools, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to do so.  Typically, these types of burns take place on your face and/or neck area which can be pretty difficult to try to treat.  It’s all about safety and treating burns properly can make a huge difference in avoiding scarring from occurring.  We’re sharing some of the tips to treating iron burns on the face and neck to keep you well informed.

Act fast
One of the things that are suggested when burning yourself with an iron is to act quickly in a few steps.  One of those steps is to apply a cool washcloth to the burned area ASAP.  It’s important that you don’t apply a washcloth that’s too cold, and don’t replace a cool washcloth with ice – they can be too severe for the freshly burned skin.  Applying the cool washcloth to the burned area will help cool the area down in a more subtle way, so you’re going to want to do this quickly.

Bring on the treatments
Ok, so once you’ve cooled down the burned area of skin to a bearable temperature, it’s time to get to treating the burn.  Aloe vera is said to be one of the best products to apply to freshly burned skin because of its soothing healing properties.  Aloe is really great for sunburns, and just as great for burns you get from irons.  Not only does it give the burned area some more soothing effect but it’s also great for adding moisture and hydration back into the burned skin.  In addition to applying aloe vera fairly quickly after burning your skin, it’s suggested by experts that you take some ibuprofen.  Since burning your skin in any way, especially with an iron, can cause inflammation in the skin taking some ibuprofen is a great way to minimize and avoid a lot of inflammation from occurring.  Plus, it’ll help ease any discomfort you may have from the burn.  Some experts suggest taking it a step further and also enlisting in using a hydrocortisone cream to help with inflammation – this one is up to you but it can help with inflammation as well.

The healing process
Once you’ve gotten the initial treatment out of the way with the burn it’s going to be important that you take a few key steps to the healing process.  The healing process is important because it can be the difference of getting a scar or not.  All the experts talk about keeping the burned area well moisturized.  Typically a burned area of skin is going to naturally be a bit drier in texture.  Applying a great moisturizing product is a great way to keep the skin well hydrated during the healing process.

Have you gotten an iron burn before?  What did you find helped with treating it?

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