Skin Care July 5, 2016

Total Body Exfoliation

Woman getting an exfoliating treatment

We always hear that exfoliation is a huge key to achieving healthy skin, and really maintaining the appearance of our skin.  However, often times we only think of exfoliating the skin on our face and tend to forget about the rest of our bodies.  Because let’s face it – most of us only think of wrinkles and the state of our skin of our face and really just push the rest to the side.  But let’s get real, the skin ALL over our bodies is important and needs exfoliation.  We’re going to go through some areas and tips to help you achieve total body exfoliation.

Your Scalp
When you think of exfoliation you probably don’t think of your scalp, however, your scalp is made up of skin!  If you experience flaky scalp and dryness it could be a sign you need to exfoliate.  Although, really we can all benefit from scalp exfoliation!  Many experts suggest using something like an Epsom salt to get some great exfoliation on your scalp accomplished, and repeating it a couple times per week.  Remember ALL the skin on your body matters!

Your Lips
Another easily forgotten area when it comes to exfoliating is your lips.  Our lips tend to be forgotten when it comes to sun protection as well, but we all know we tend to get dry and chapped lips more often than we’d like.  One way to help the overall appearance of our lips and help with anti-aging is  exfoliating!  There are some great lip pumice stones that are amazing for exfoliating, or even using something like a toothbrush with vasoline can get the job done as well.  As long as you exfoliate!

Woman exfoliating her hands

Your Hands
We wash our hands multiple times per day, and realistically use our hands all day.  They’re exposed to many different elements that can cause them to dry out.  In fact, many suggest hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging.  Since the skin on your hands is exposed to so much, experts suggest exfoliating a couple times per week with an exfoliating scrub.  It only takes a few minutes but can make a huge difference in your skin and its appearance.

Your Body
So we know about all the small areas, but you probably didn’t think of your entire body!  But exfoliating your entire body is incredibly beneficial for your skin’s overall appearance and removing all the dead skin cells on your body.  Using things like dry brushing is amazing to get this done, if you want something even simpler even just using sugar mixed in with your favorite body wash can help you get a great exfoliation in.  You’ll want to exfoliate your entire body, but naturally focus on the areas that tend to be especially dry.

Your Feet
Since we stand on our feet so often, they really take a hit!  Which is why it’s super important that we exfoliate them.  This is another area that you can do multiple times per week, and keeping it as simple as Epsom salt or a favorite foot scrub will help you get the job done.

Of course, face exfoliation goes without saying.  Hopefully, this gives you some ideas and reminders to some areas you may be missing when it comes to exfoliation!  What’s your favorite way to exfoliate?

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