Skin Care April 20, 2015

Top Spring Skin Care Tips

Spring is here, and it beckons the call for a new and improved skin care routine. The products you used throughout the winter months are have all become too much for your skin now that the climate has changed. When you update your skin care routine for spring, it may be a bit overwhelming to know what products to opt for and what to do. In terms of choosing products, you should always opt for products that are made for your particular skin type. On the other hand, once you’ve gotten your products picked out, you may be wondering what you can do to complement the new skin care routine. That’s where Lionesse comes in. We have put together some of the top spring skin care tips within this article to help you make the most of your skin for spring.

Woman exfoliating her body with a loofah.

Body Brushing
Body brushing has been shown to provide the skin with a healthy appearance, improve lymphatic function, rid the body of toxins and detoxify the system, and exfoliate the skin. This process can be completed from the neck down to the feet, and can be done 1-2 times per week for maximum benefits. All you will need to complete body brushing is a sturdy vegetable bristle brush with a handle, which you can find in your favorite beauty store’s skin care section. Simply drag the brush upwards from the feet to the neck in small strokes, applying light pressure, to stimulate lymphatic drainage, skin cell rejuvenation, and exfoliation. This should be done on dry skin, and after dry brushing is completed, the skin should be rinsed with warm water to remove exfoliated skin.

Woman applying heavy cream on her face.

Go Lighter on Heavy Creams
Due to the fact that the spring months harbor more humidity in the air, it’s unnecessary for you to continue using heavy moisture creams as you did in the winter months. If you are to continue using creams or lotions, go easy on the product itself – and only use it on areas that need a bit of help such as dry hands or feet. Always try to opt for non-scented products when possible to avoid irritation – this is especially true for those who have sensitive skin. When it comes to your face, the same is true. Opt for a lighter moisturizing cream for your face – both for day and night time – which is light in texture, yet provides you with a healthy dose of hydration.

Woman in a bikini applying sunscreen.

Stay Sun Safe
Always make sure you are wearing a good sunscreen when spending time outdoors during the spring months. Areas that people generally overlook in sunscreen application are the ears, back of neck, back of knees, and inner elbow area – which are all extremely susceptible to burning. Be sure to protect your skin, and when possible, choose a facial moisturizer that already has sun protection built in to avoid making the mistake of forgetting to apply.

Woman holding a papaya close to her chin in a beautiful natural background. Organic skin care concept.

Opt for Natural Products
Spring is about nature and renewal. Whenever possible, opt for products that are naturally derived and organic, from deodorant, to soaps, to cleansers, and body products.

Blonde woman looking into the mirror and applying lip balm.

Easy on the Makeup
Less is more this spring. Choose to wear less product on your face, to give you a transparent, flawless look and finish. Opt for neutral, earth toned color schemes for a natural look, or soft, pink hues to give you subtle color.

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