Skin Care December 1, 2016

Tips for Soft, Supple Hands

As the winter weather approaches, so does the dry skin problems that we all tend to experience.  Many of us tend to struggle with dry skin and lips…but also dry hands.  It’s frustrating and always feels a little off when your hands are super dry.  Not to mention it can leave you feeling a little self-conscious when shaking someone’s hand.  We found some great tips for soft, supple hands and you know we’re not stingy with the tips – we’re sharing them with you so you can adapt them yourself this winter season.

Be Cautious Of Your Soap
Most of us tend to focus on hand soaps that are strong and will kill any germs that we may have been exposed to.  However, what you may not realize is when we use soaps that are too harsh they can cause our hands to become and feel even more dry.  It’s important to make sure that the hand soap that you use to wash your hands is something that’s going to give your hands that moisture that it needs.  This will prevent your skin from becoming too dry and instead give you more moisture – which is really what your hands need to become soft and supple.

woman applying lotion

Step Up Your Hand Lotion
Here’s the deal, if you really want soft, supple hands you’re going to need to really focus on bringing as much moisture to your hands as possible.  This means getting really serious about the hand lotions that you use, and how often you’re using them.  So many people tend to only use hand lotions when their hands feel dry…but you need to use them ALL the time.  Many experts actually suggest opting for hand lotions that are thicker and creamier in consistency.  Even going for a body butter instead of a traditional hand lotion if you’re really experiencing major dryness in your hands.  Since your hands don’t react to thicker skin care products like the skin on your face does, you can go for a heavier weight product to really maximize on the product that you’re applying.  In addition, make sure that you’re applying the lotion on a regular basis – yes, every day.  Probably even multiple times a day.  If you really want to get those soft, supple hands.

exfoliating hands

Exfoliate Your Hands
Ok, so watching your soap and upping your hand lotion game is great, but you’re also going to need to do one more thing for seriously soft and supple hands.  What is it?  Exfoliate the skin on your hands!  You know exfoliating your skin on your body and face is important, and the same rules apply to the skin on your hands.  Since our hands are exposed to so many different things and tend to get dry pretty easily exfoliating your hands is going to be really helpful in getting the results you’re looking for.  Exfoliating your hands is going to help eliminate any dead skin cells and roughness to really get your hands even softer.

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