Beauty Makeup February 24, 2016

Tips for Looking Younger

Age is a beautiful thing: it shows we’ve survived our crazy childhoods, misspent youths, and made it all the way to wrinkles and gray hairs. But it’s often in our best interests to mask some of those aging symptoms, like wrinkled eyes or sunken cheeks. We’ve all seen the grandmas wearing eyebrow-high blue eyeshadow and bright coral lipstick…and while those grandmas are confident (which is 99% of the game), wearing their makeup the same way they did at twenty is a recipe for disaster. To avoid those common mistakes, take a look at some of the best ways to combat aging in your makeup routine.

Woman cleansing skin

1. Don’t Skimp on Skin Care
If you’re reaching a certain age, you’ve probably heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: get yourself a good skincare routine. As we age, we lose collagen and elasticin, develop age spots, and, of course, wrinkle. To combat that, it’s essential to have an army of retinols, hydrating acids, and intense moisturizers to provide the best possible base for your makeup.

The biggest issue you’ll probably need to address is dehydration and dryness. As we age, we naturally produce less oil, which can actually exacerbate wrinkles and give the appearance of dullness. Use an ultra-intense moisturizer and drink plenty of water to help ward off those symptoms.

2. Switch Your Liquid Liner to a Pencil
Liquid eyeliners are very sharp and crisp, which is great for creating dramatic cat eyes or having an ultra-clean look. However, as the eye area starts to become crepey and thin, you’ll want to ditch the liquid liners, which can “skip” over wrinkles and look uneven. Instead, use a soft pencil formula a few shades lighter than you’re used to (think dark browns and ashy taupes) to gently line your upper lash line. Once you’ve lined, smudge your liner with your finger, a Q-tip, or a smudging brush to create a smoky, soft look. This subtle, out-of-focus look is much more flattering on wrinkled skin and allows for more wiggle room in makeup application (plus, it’s way easier than creating a sharp wing–a little time saved in the morning never hurt anyone).

Woman trying out concealers

3. Test Out Some Concealers
Chances are, if you’re 50+ you’re not dealing with significant acne–you’re more focused on covering age spots and dark circles. Because a full face of liquid or powder foundation can look cakey on mature skin, try spot treating with concealer: look for hydrating formulas that closely match your skin tone, and only use on areas you need to conceal. Look for peach-toned concealers for under your eyes, and make sure they’re either liquid or cream formulas (powder formulas tend to hang out in fine lines, making for a cakey look).

4. Invest in Good Primer
Foundation primers are absolutely essential when you’re dealing with fine lines and wrinkles: it’s like the difference between painting on a smooth, flat surface versus a rough, bumpy one. A good primer helps fill in any enlarged pores, lines, or other texture issues so you don’t get that “cakey” look twenty minutes after you apply. Look for primers that are hydrating, anti-aging, and dimethicone-based–they’ll give you moisturization and help prolong the wear of your foundation.

5. Smile!

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