Skin Care December 27, 2015

Tips for Gorgeous Skin by 2016

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With 2016 beginning to peek its head right around the corner, does the suggestion of finally achieving that gorgeous skin you want sound like an impossibility? While getting to the exact point you want to be for the rest of time may seem a bit extreme, if you follow these tips starting right now, you will find that by 2016 (Jan. 1.) your skin will be remarkably improved, and well on its way to become the incredibly glowing covering you’ve always wanted it to be.

Your Default Face
It might be a little longer in coming, but start paying more attention to the position in which you tend to hold your face when you are alone. We’re always manufacturing a facial expression when in the company of others, but in the long run, it’s your default facial position that will be responsible for your most prominent wrinkles in aging. And you might even be surprised at how often your face actually reverts to that “default” position while in the presence of others.

Woman cleansing her face.

Drop the Soap
From now on, make a point of referring to what you do to your face as “cleansing,” and not “cleaning.” Follow the secret skin care ideal that has always worked for European women for centuries. Cream cleansers are the way to pamper your skin, and can be removed with water and/or soft tissues. Avoid gel type cleansers. These cleansers contain just enough traces of oil to be effective at dissolving every type of cosmetic product you have on your face, and all at the same time. Cream cleansers are quick and the best for nighttime cleaning, and are able to immediately tackle even the waterproof varieties of eye makeup and all those colorful 24-hour lipsticks. And cream cleansers are able to perfectly moisturize the skin. Women who have oilier skin should cleanse with a cream cleanser before bed, and in the morning, switch to a gel cleanser.

Consolidate to Save Money and Time
You know the importance of including the four basics in your morning routine–the whole moisturizing element, the importance of the sunscreen of SPF 30, and the erasing and holding power of a primer–all before you even get to the fourth primer component. Just buying all these different products can be tedious and time consuming, not to mention the length of time it takes to apply each layer, wait for it to dry and then apply the next–If you enjoy this, by all means, continue, but what would you do if you learned that there are some amazing all-in-one day starters that give you every single benefit of the four different processes, in one single product?

Woman exfoliating her skin.

At-Home Stuff
Begin defeating the Winter Woes by sloughing off those dead cells of your skin before applying any moisturizer. And once you apply your moisturizer, wait. Wait for at least 10 minutes before touching your face with any other thing or product. No fingers, no wipes, no makeup. Even though exfoliating makes moisture absorption more expedient, it still takes time. So wait–patiently.

On the Fly and No Time?
So you had just enough time to get your foundation, eye shadow, mascara, liner and blush on. With only lipstick to go, you can still sculpt your face by taking a little bit of beige to white eye shadow and applying a line down the length of your nose, a bit above each eyebrow, a little streak at the tops of your cheek apples and just below your lips. Blend but without erasing. Wow!

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