Skin Care May 2, 2017

Tips For Dealing With Hormonal Breakouts


Breakouts, regardless of their origin or cause, can be pretty frustrating to deal with. When you suffer from hormonal breakouts (as many women do at some point in their lives), it can be that added level of stress to your days and weeks. So often we hear about tips to deal with acne, but general acne breakouts can be different than hormonal breakouts because of the cause of each one is different. If you’ve been battling hormonal breakouts you’re in the perfect place because we’ve discovered some great tips for dealing with hormonal breakouts.

Be Gentle On Your Skin
Hormonal breakouts need to be treated gently. One of the common mistakes people tend to make when fighting acne is being too aggressive in their skin care routine and habits. Keep in mind that just because your skin is breaking out, doesn’t mean you want to be any more aggressive than you would any other time. In fact, being too aggressive in your skin care routine can cause the breakouts to become worse. When considering a gentle skin care approach when dealing with hormonal breakouts that means being gentle in how you apply and use products on your skin AND in using gentle products. This is especially true with gentle cleansing products.

Consider Hormonal Treatment
It’s been found that hormonal breakouts are, well, because of the hormones that may be imbalanced in your body. If you notice you have a continuous cycle of hormonal breakouts, it could be time to talk to your medical professional. Many medical experts find that the use of birth control pills and hormonal balancing methods to be incredibly beneficial for those who struggle with hormonal breakouts. These types of methods are helping to create more balance in the body, and can give a lot of relief-if not total relief-to breakouts resulting as a reflection of hormonal imbalances.


Avoid Too Much Dairy
Dairy is a food group that’s been getting a lot of attention in the beauty world. Experts have found that those who suffer from hormonal breakouts can experience a lot of relief by cutting back (or eliminating entirely) dairy in their diet. Dairy comes from animals that have their own hormones, so adding hormones into your body through dairy when you already have an imbalance of hormones in your body can cause a lot of breakouts to result. Try cutting it out, or cutting back and see if you experience any changes in your hormonal breakouts.

Adjust Your Skin Care Routine
Many experts suggest that if you’re able to notice a consistency in when you experience hormonal breakouts, you can get a lot of relief by adjusting your skin care routine about week before you notice the theme of your breakouts. Adjusting your skin care by adding in acne specific products a week before you typically experience the hormonal breakouts can help you get your skin ahead of the game and keep a handle on the breakouts before they become too prominent.

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