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Tips For Clearing Hormonal Acne

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Regardless of your age, breakouts can happen and they can happen a lot more often than you’d like. Let’s face it, no acne breakout is a good one. For many people, hormones play a major factor in acne breakouts. If you’ve been struggling with hormonal acne you may be feeling like you have to just deal with it because its hormonal. We’re here to tell you that’s NOT the case! We’ve uncovered some tips for clearing hormonal acne that we think will help you get some of those hormonal breakouts in check.

Watch Your Diet
Even if your hormones are the culprits that are causing your breakouts, what you eat could be causing your hormones to affect your skin negatively. Processed foods, sugar and alcohol tend to negatively affect hormones in the body, and can contribute to acne breakouts becoming even worse. If you want to try to cut back on some of those hormonal breakouts, it’s worth really taking a hard look at your diet. If your diet currently consists of alcohol, sugar and a lot of processed foods-now is the time to evaluate and see how you can start cutting a lot of those things out of your diet. Incorporate more water, fresh fruits and veggies and a cleaner diet. Your hormones will be happier, and your skin will be too!

Use the Right Skin Care Products
Using skin care products that are designed to help work with acne is going to be a huge step in clearing hormonal acne. Experts suggest using a cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide to help your skin consistently be protected and treated with an acne fighting ingredient. It’s not enough to just use those types of products while you’re having the acne breakouts, keeping consistent with them and using them in a preventative manner is really the key trick with something like this. in addition, make sure that you’re as consistent as possible with maintaining a healthy skin care routine. Taking your makeup off every night, and not skipping your skin care routine is crucial when preventing and clearing those acne breakouts.

Talk to Your Doctor
For many, even incorporating some of the tips that are suggested by all the experts really is a struggle to keep their skin free of acne because of their hormones. If you’re experiencing a lot of consistent and persistent hormonal acne breakouts it could be time to see your doctor. Sometimes the hormones in your body are off balance, causing a lot of the acne to result. But just treating the acne alone isn’t going to solve the real problem. Since the hormones are the root of the real problem in this type of situation, it’s important to make sure that you are seeking the help of a professional to make sure that your hormone inbalance is being treated accordingly. For some women, they find that adding in hormonal treatment or birth control to be just the help they need. But, it’s a conversation that needs to be had with your trusted medical professional.

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