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Three Ways To Improve Your Complexion

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If we’re really honest, no matter how nice our skin and complexion is we’re always looking for ways to improve it.  Our skin tends to be something that we’re rarely 100% satisfied with.  It got us thinking about what are some ways for us to improve our complexion.  So naturally, we did some research and stumbled about three ways to improve your complexion.  If you’re at a place with your skin where you want to improve it even a tad, try incorporating these things into your routine to see if you see a change!

Pay Attention to Hair and Skin Care Products
You may not realize that your hair care products could be affecting your skin, but they can!  If your skin isn’t at an ideal complexion state, it’s worth looking at the ingredients of the hair care and skin care products you’re using.  A lot of hair care products are found to have a lot of different oils in them that could be negatively affecting your skin.  In addition, your skin care products might not be working WITH your skin as great as it could be.  If you’re using your products regularly and have found you’re still not thrilled with your complexion, it’s worth considering switching to different hair and skin care products and working with different ingredients that may be a better fit for your skin.

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Get Your Sleep Schedule in Check
Many experts have said that sleep disorders are one of the most common health struggles in our world today.  Furthermore, they’ve discovered there’s a major link between sleep and our skin/health.  If you want to improve your complexion, it’s worth taking a look at your sleep habits.  If we’re really honest most of us don’t have a true sleep schedule, we go to bed when we can/are tired and try falling asleep with the TV on and scrolling through our tablets and phones.  Experts suggest that eliminating watching tv and using phones/tablets prior to bed can be a huge help with getting to sleep quicker.  We need our sleep to improve our complexion because while we sleep is when our body works to repair itself.  So when we don’t get enough sleep our skin isn’t able to repair and get to a complexion preference we desire.

Watch What You Drink
We always hear about drinking a lot of water for our skin, but it’s also important to consider any other beverages you may be consuming.  Avoiding sugary drinks like sodas and too much alcohol can be major factors impacting your complexion.  Try not to overdo it on those types of beverages and instead, incorporate as much water and even green tea as you can.  Both are known for having amazing skin care benefits and improving your complexion.  Anytime you drink something, thinking about what impact it could be having on your skin and its complexion.

There are so many factors that come into play with having a flawless complexion, since you know the basics we shared some of the newer tips!

What have you found negatively or positively impacts your complexion?

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