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The Secrets Behind Scar Fade Cream

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It’s not uncommon to have a scar somewhere on your body.  However, some scars are more noticeable than others and can just be frustrating to constantly see.  There have been so many different products, tips, tricks that have been said to get rid of the appearance of scars.  With the rise in technology and information within the beauty and skincare industry, it’s not surprising that there have been a ton of scar fading creams hitting the market.  If you’ve been dealing with a scar and frustrated at trying to get it to fade, it’s likely you’ve considered trying out one of these fading creams.  Before you do, we thought we’d share the secrets behind these fading creams and how they actually work.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid
These types of acids are commonly found in scar fading creams, along with many other skin care products used for aging as well.  This is because these alpha hydroxyl acids are packed with incredible benefits.  They actually act as a really great microdermabrasion ingredient.  Microdermabrasion is essential to get rid of dead skin cells – so if you have a scar you want to get rid of, this can be a HUGE benefit to helping you eliminate those scar area skin cells.  Often times the scar on your skin is made up of skin that’s now rough and doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of your skin, so microdermabrasion can be an incredible aspect of a scar fading cream to help the skin where your scar is located to have a refreshed and softer surface.

Vitamin E
Another very commonly used ingredient in scar fading creams (among many other skin care products).  Vitamin E has actually been found to help increase collagen production.  When you’re looking to get your skin to heal and kind of rejuvenate collagen production is essential.  Additionally, collagen and vitamin E are said to help with the healing process of your skin even helping it to heal faster often times.  When you have a scar, you’re essentially healing your skin and getting it to have a fresh start of sorts, so you’re definitely going to want an extra boost in collagen production.

This has been a popular ingredient or method for healing scars for quite a while.  Many experts and users have found that the use of silicone speeds up the healing process of a scar.  The reason it’s able to help speed up the process is because silicone actually brings a large amount of hydration to the area, resulting in what’s known as “fibroblast production.”  Basically what fibroblast production is lock in more moisture and allow the skin cells and tissues to heal much quicker and more effectively.

While there are so many different methods and products to helping fade the appearance of scars, many do state that there aren’t guarantees.  Because there are so many factors that can come into play when it comes to a scar like how long you’ve had the scar, how deep the scar is, etc.  However, if you’ve got a scar that’s bothering you looking for products with these essential ingredients have been found to yield some great results among many users!

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