Skin Care August 24, 2015

The Scoop: Dermarollers

The revolutionary Dermaroller trend is sweeping the world of beauty, and with very little time on the market. Proponents say by Dermarolling, anyone can help to vastly improve their skin’s appearance, even when it shows adverse effects from sun damage, wrinkles and a general appearance of aging. As Dermaroller Therapy expands its fan base, new, exciting benefits are being credited to these devices. And as a minimally invasive treatment, it’s becoming the first go-to for many women who wish to improve their skin texture, who are impressed by claims that these devices are great for correcting all types of scars. Surely a safe and gentle method to tighten the skin, they think.

Going Deeper
Dermarollers are sold for home use, and can best be described as a form of needling (using surgical grade needles) that enables improved penetration of ingredients to more deeply pierce the skin, for achieving claims of added resiliency and feel over time. While it might look painful, this isn’t deterring some. A dermaroller is rolled over the face as directed (typically around three sessions a week,) by application of light pressure that produces tiny holes in the skin, to where ingredients can be most effective. This treatment has been compared to in-office therapy from dermatologists like laser therapy. Both aim at the stimulation of collagen production from controlled wounding. Home rollers need to accurately determine the proper amount of pressure to apply, first and foremost, for the treatments to help and not harm.

Woman getting dermaroller treatment.

Superficial Solutions
It’s important to understand the way that toners, moisturizers, serums and other anti-aging compounds work. These are all designed to do their “thing” while on the surface of the skin. The active ingredients being primarily antioxidants and other cell-communicating solutions need to remain on the skin’s surface to be effective. There can often be additional ingredients that could pose a risk from deeper than intended penetration. So in some ways, going beyond the skin’s surface can be akin to going beyond being beneficial.

Excess in Home Use
The risk of overdoing Dermarolling treatments is always possible, especially as it relies exclusively on the lay person performing it. The absence of professional experience or specific requirements to own and use one could most likely result in a more aggressive approach than intended. Heavily-wrought rolling could create pathways in the skin for a myriad of unwanted infiltration from ingredients like sunscreen, preservatives, emulsifiers and even fragrance. Additionally, there’s a real risk of infection or other undesirable skin reactions from less than perfect efforts. Overdoing Dermaroller therapy can occur both in the pressure applied and also both the frequency and span of time it’s conducted.

Consult an expert before using. A little extra advise and instruction can result in a more effective outcome and can spare you from pain and suffering in the long run!

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