Makeup June 18, 2016

The Right Makeup for Eczema Sufferers

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If you’re suffering from eczema it’s likely you’ve noticed that some makeup and cosmetic products negatively affect your skin.  Before you think you can’t find any cosmetic products that will work with your skin, instead of causing a reaction, we’re going to go over some of the tips experts suggest keeping in mind when purchasing makeup products for those with eczema.

Avoid Fragrances
Fragrances in cosmetic products can cause negative reactions for many people, but when you’re dealing with eczema it can affect you even more.  Even if a product has a very slight fragrance or scent to it, you’re best skipping it altogether to avoid any possible eczema flare-ups.  Look for products that specifically note that they’re fragrance-free and/or unscented so you’re sure there isn’t any fragrance that’s been added to the product.

Careful of Preservatives
While preservatives serve a purpose in keeping your makeup from growing bacteria (bonus), they can cause negative effects on those dealing with sensitive skin and eczema.  The good news is there are plenty of natural preservatives that are available now, and many cosmetic companies have started using them.  Since you’re dealing with eczema, it’s best to stick on the safe side and opt for a more natural cosmetic line.  Since it can be hard to tell sometimes what may cause an eczema flare-up it’s best to stick with products that are more soothing and natural for the skin.

Petroleum No More
Many suffering from eczema find that products that are petroleum based tend to cause a negative reaction.  It tends to cause more irritation on the skin for those with eczema, so again it’s best to avoid it.  Read the labels of the products you’re using to determine whether or not there’s petroleum as an active ingredient in those products.

Unfortunately, for those dealing with eczema, you know it’s really any product you put on your skin that can cause a reaction, or flare up.  Many people have found using cosmetics and skin care products that are on the more natural side have given them relief and also allowed them to use the products more easily.  Since it tends to be common that those dealing with breakouts aren’t sure what to use to NOT have a breakout, you may just be avoiding cosmetic products altogether.  Luckily, there are a lot more cosmetic companies that are being strict on what they put in their products (or don’t put in them) to help people find relief and not have to avoid cosmetics altogether.  The common theme among makeup to use when you’re suffering from eczema seems to be looking at the ingredients and sticking to products that are natural.  Since your skin is already in a more sensitive state, you’re much more likely to have a positive effect when following these tips.

If you’re suffering from eczema and have found certain tips or products work well with your skin – we’d love to hear about it!  Share in the comments below!

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