Skin Care March 4, 2017

The Pros & Cons of Light Up Skin Care Masks

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One of the latest and greatest rising trends in the skin care world right now is the use of light up skin care masks.  You’ve likely seen some new light up masks in commercials and in the beauty aisles at drug stores.  It’s a craze that’s grown quickly and significantly in the past year or so.  Of course, whenever there’s a new beauty craze many of us tend to feel a bit skeptical–does it REALLY work?  Since this light up skin care mask growth is hard to miss, we thought we would do a bit of research to discover the pros and cons of light up skin care mask to bring you the information we found.

The Pros
We like to keep things as positive as possible, so let’s start with the pros.  According to experts that we came across talking about these light up skin care masks, many of them suggest that these masks really do work.  So obviously the fact that experts are saying that these light up masks really work is a major pro here.  It’s not often that experts really say that a new beauty craze does work, so we had to mention that.  Another pro of the light up skin care masks has to be the fact that they’re now able to be used in the comfort of your own home.  Many companies started out making these types of masks that were exclusive to skin care experts so you had to see a professional to get the use of them.  However, recently more and more companies are making light up skin care masks that you can purchase as a consumer and use right at home.  Talk about a total pro, right?  To top that off, they’re really easy to use and for the most part they come with clear instructions making them very user friendly.

The Cons
While we like to keep things as positive as possible around here, we do feel that we need to mention the cons.  You know we’re all about keeping things real, and while there are some great pros to the use of light up skin care masks there are cons as well–just like with anything in life.  According to the experts one of the biggest cons of these light up skin care masks is that, in order to really see the results that you’re likely looking to achieve, you need to make use of these types of masks on a daily basis.  This being a pro really depends on the individual, but some may feel as though having to add this step into your daily skin care routine can be a con because of the extra time commitment necessary.  We know that so many of us live busy lives, so adding this type of time commitment into your daily routine can feel like a drag for some.

Now that you know the major pros and cons of the light up skin care masks, will you try it out for yourself?

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