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The One Spot You’re Probably Forgetting To Exfoliate

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We’re big fans of exfoliating around here at Lionesse. Exfoliating is something that we often discuss and share the benefits of because there’s so much to gain in your skin’s health by applying exfoliating habits to your routine. Hopefully, you’ve heard us stress how much you can gain from exfoliating all of your skin and started to apply the tips to your daily routine. Exfoliating is something that needs to be done consistently and regularly to maintain skin health. We’ve often shared the areas of the body that need to be exfoliated but realized the one spot you’re probably forgetting to exfoliate…your eyebrows!

We know, you probably haven’t even thought about your eyebrow area in relation to exfoliating. But the truth is your eyebrows need exfoliating just like the rest of your skin does. Anytime we have areas of our bodies that have hair, it’s easy to forget that there is skin under that hair that needs the same care and attention. Now if you’re not currently exfoliating your eyebrows we’re not here to make you feel bad, you can also start now! There are a few things we want you to consider when exfoliating your brows so that you’re making the most of the new routine.

Since your eyebrow area does have hair, it generally needs an exfoliating product that’s a big stronger than what you would use on the rest of your face. The skin is thicker in that area because of the hair so it requires a little more from the exfoliating product. Experts suggest enlisting in a facial scrub to take care of exfoliating your eyebrows. Scrubs are generally a bit stronger in their exfoliating benefits than a traditional facial exfoliating product but they’re still gentle enough to not do any damage to your skin.

In addition to using a different exfoliating product on your eyebrows, we suggest really taking your time with the exfoliating routine. It’s generally best to exfoliate in the evening so your skin is able to really relax and repair itself while you sleep, after you exfoliate. When we talk about exfoliating your eyebrows this means a few things. You should take the time to gently exfoliate the skin that’s just above the eyebrows, under your actual eyebrow hairs, and just below the eyebrows. Applying this area of attention to exfoliating will provide you with the full benefits of exfoliating your eyebrows. Remember to take your time, though because you are close to your eyes it’s easy to get carried away when we’re in a hurry. Keep in mind that your eye area is very delicate so when you’re exfoliating the skin just below your eyebrows really make sure to avoid too much pulling or tugging throughout the process.

Personally, we would suggest getting into the habit of exfoliating your eyebrows when you exfoliate the rest of the skin on your face. This will make the process more seamless and allow you to make better use of your time.

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