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The Last Warm Days of Summer

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As summer starts to wind down (don’t hate us cause we said it!), you’re probably starting to think about changing up your wardrobe and skincare routine.  But since summer isn’t quite over, and there’s still an opportunity for some warm days to give us a boost of sunshine and heat it’s important that you’re still maintaining some skincare habits.  It’s easy to let some habits slip as we enjoy the last warm days of summer, but we wanted to share some of our favorite tips for keeping your skin clear and burn free in 90-degree weather.

Don’t skip the SPF
Ok, we get it, you’ve spent the entire summer loading up on sunscreen and worrying about sun protection you’ve had enough.  While we get it adds additional steps to your getting ready process, don’t let it slip just because summer is winding down!  Even though the days are getting shorter, doesn’t mean the sun is any less intense during these 90 degree days.  You’re going to still need to make sure you’re practicing safe sun protection habits to keep your skin from burning.  This means covering your skin as much as possible, applying SPF as often and EVERYWHERE as possible, and trying to stay out of the sun as much as you can between 10 am and 4pm (when the sun is at its most intense).

Keep it light
Since the days are still pretty warm and you’re still (as always) wanting to keep your skin as clear as possible, stick to the lightweight skincare products.  Often times those that are more prone to breakouts do better with skincare products that aren’t too heavy.  This means opting for moisturizers that aren’t too heavy AND SPF products that aren’t too heavy.  Sometimes these skincare products can be heavy, so make it a point to look for lightweight formulas.  Aside from skincare products, keep your makeup application and products lightweight as well.  Not only will you feel better wearing lightweight makeup, but it just feels better in the summer months!

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Exfoliate that skin, lady!
Exfoliation is SO, SO important to keeping your skin on point especially as we wind down for the summer.  Your skin has likely been put through a little more stress than normal, so sticking to an exfoliation routine is going to be helpful to eliminating any dead skin cells and keeping your skin clearer.  Exfoliation is extra important to keeping your skin clear because it really gets a deep cleaning done on your skin, eliminating any dirt or grim that cleaners just aren’t able to get as well.

Since we are on the last warm days of summer, essentially you’re going to want to make it a point to keep things consistent.  Don’t let yourself slip into letting go of certain skincare habits or routines just because we’re about done with the summer weather.  Keep up the routine and you’re going to be able to keep your skin clear and burn free.

What’s your go-to skincare tips for keeping your skin clear and burn free?

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