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The Fall Switch Up

It’s officially Fall, the leaves are changing and so is the weather.  Halloween is officially passed (you know that’s a big Fall indicator), but has your skincare made a transition from the summer season?  If you haven’t done the Fall switch up, it’s time to start thinking about making some changes to your skin care.  The thing about our skin is it does have different needs throughout different times of the year.  As the weather changes, it has a different impact on our skin so we need to adjust accordingly to make sure that we’re able to keep our skin on point as much as possible.

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Look At Your Skin Care Products
Of course, one of the biggest factors that comes with the Fall switch up is our skin care products.  If you’ve been using certain skin care products throughout the summer, it’s time to reevaluate those products and see if they’re really going to be benefiting you throughout the Fall and winter season.  Most of the time during the summer we all want products that are lightweight and thinner in consistency, but as we’re in full swing of Fall we really need products that are creamier in consistency.  This is because the climate tends to get much drier in the Fall months, which can cause our skin to become more dry – adding products that are creamier can help combat that really well.

Amp Up Your Moisturizing
Like we said, this time of year we all tend to get a little more (or a lot more) dry in our skin, this is why you really need to make sure that you’re keeping up with your moisturizing routine – and even amping it up a bit.  If your skin feels tight or dry, it’s a sign your skin is lacking hydration and moisturization.  Drinking a LOT of water this time of year is going to be key, but in addition to that, make sure that you’re carrying a moisturizing cream/lotion with you at all times to really keep up with it.  In addition, make sure that you’re not skipping any areas of your body with the moisturizing.

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Get Your Treatments Right
So clearly moisturizing is a common theme here, this means you’re going to also want to make sure that you’re in a routine with using any of your specialty treatment products like masks and exfoliating products.  Exfoliating your skin this time of year is really going to help keep your skin glowing and vibrant – and also help combat a lot of that dryness.  Get into a routine with these products, along with your others, to make sure that you don’t end up skipping weeks at a time.  Figure out what evenings or days work best for you, and create a routine that’s actually doable for you – because let’s be honest, if it’s too much of a hassle you’re never going to stick with it.

The good news is it’s really not difficult to do the Fall switch up, but your skin will be thanking you all season long!

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