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Skin Care September 2, 2017

Know The Difference: Burn Or Allergy

Woman sun burn

Summer is filled with long days, sunshine, and warm temperatures. What’s not to love about that combination, right? Of course, the downside to all of this is the sun is at its highest intensity this time of year which can cause some problems for our skin. We’re sure you already know how important it is to keep your skin well protected from the sun this time of year, but we know that life happens and sometimes you have some skin…

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Skin Care July 12, 2016

Skincare Products and Sunburn

Sunburn can definitely cause problems with your skin. We’ve heard it time and time again, that we need to make sure we’re applying enough sunscreen before leaving the house to avoid getting sunburn.  While many of us are all about treating our skin right and using different skincare products to help keep our skin on point and helping to avoid sunburns, what you may not realize is there are some skincare products that can actually lead to sunburns.  Since we…

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Skin Care April 3, 2015

Skin Care for a Day Outdoors

Spending time outdoors during the spring and summer months is one of the favorite pastimes this time of year. Giving yourself the day off, relaxing in a lounge chair or taking a leisurely walk with Fido through the park is something many women look forward to. While this is a very enjoyable activity, it is also cause for prepping your skin to be able to handle the implications from the elements. Lionesse helps prepare your skin for a day outdoors…

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