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Skin Care January 4, 2017

5 Habits that Age Your Skin

Worried about showing signs of aging on your skin?  You’re not alone. Let’s face it – most of us are worried about our skin developing signs of aging.  What you may not realize is that some of the habits that you have may be causing your skin to age, or appear to look more aged. We’re discussing 5 habits that age your skin so you can be in the know with any of the habits that you may have that…

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Skin Care December 23, 2016

Skin Care Tips For City Girls

Are you a city girl?  If you are, you’re probably all about being out and about as often as you can to really take advantage of being in the city.  With that, you also probably enjoy being in a fast-paced state – so taking hours upon hours to take care of your skin just won’t do.  Listen, we’re with you on that one!  However, in addition to time and speediness we also know that city girls are faced with different…

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Skin Care December 21, 2016

New Solutions For Dry, Cracked Skin

The temperatures have started to drop, and throughout a lot of the country the snow fall has begun.  Regardless of where you live, you’re probably starting to experience some of that winter dry skin that tends to come along with the winter season.  You’ve probably tried a lot of different skin care tips to help try to get rid of that dreaded dry skin, but they may not have worked in the way that you hoped.  Well, just when you…

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Skin Care December 19, 2016

Benefits Of A Skincare Starter Kit

Ahh skin care, it’s an industry full of possibilities and options – wouldn’t you say?  There’s definitely no lack in terms of options for skin care, especially in 2016.  It’s an industry that’s grown significantly in the past 10 years and seems to only continue.  With that being said, sometimes trying to purchase skin care can be an overwhelming process.  To pair different brands together, or not?  Where do you even start?  This is where skin care starter sets come…

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Skin Care December 1, 2016

Tips for Soft, Supple Hands

As the winter weather approaches, so does the dry skin problems that we all tend to experience.  Many of us tend to struggle with dry skin and lips…but also dry hands.  It’s frustrating and always feels a little off when your hands are super dry.  Not to mention it can leave you feeling a little self-conscious when shaking someone’s hand.  We found some great tips for soft, supple hands and you know we’re not stingy with the tips – we’re…

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Beauty Skin Care November 29, 2016

Basic Skincare Tips For The Everyday Man

We realized recently that we spend a lot of time talking to ladies about skin care and beauty tips, but we haven’t forgotten about the guys!  Men need to take care of their skin just like women do, and unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of talk around the men’s world about skin care.  So you know us, we decided to chat about it ourselves.  We’re sharing the basic skincare tips for the everyday man, because skin care doesn’t have…

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Beauty Lifestyle Skin Care November 26, 2016

Side Effects of Topical Steroids

Topical steroids have definitely become a more commonly used skin care form by doctors for many different skin care concerns.  If you’ve gone to a doctor and/or dermatologist for a skin care, concern you’ve likely been given a topical steroid to help alleviate the concern.  However, there can be some side effects of topical steroids and the use of them that you’re not aware of.  Because they’re used so frequently in today’s world, many people don’t really think of the…

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Skin Care November 24, 2016

Acne Prone Skin & Salicylic Acid

If you have acne prone skin, you know the struggle is real with trying to find skin care products that help you combat acne from popping up at the most inconvenient times.  There are so many different skin care products and ingredients on the market that claim to help with acne prone skin, but it can also be difficult to know what to actually believe will work on your skin.  We’re talking acne prone skin and salicylic acid.  It’s an…

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Skin Care November 10, 2016

Ingredients Sensitive Skin Types Should Avoid

If you have sensitive skin, you know that finding skin care ingredients that don’t cause more problems for your skin can be a challenge.  With so many different products and ingredients available on the market, it can also be difficult to actually determine what products to use or not use.  There’s been a lot of research and experts coming forward and sharing certain things to avoid in certain products – thankfully!  If you’re confused about what NOT to use, we’re sharing…

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Skin Care November 8, 2016

Stay On Top Of Moles And Other Changes In Your Skin

It’s National Healthy Skin Month and we thought this was the perfect time to chat a bit more about keeping your skin as healthy as you can.  There are so many different factors that go into having healthy skin.  But one thing that’s become incredibly known to be essential to skin care health is to stay on top of moles and other changes in your skin.  So often we don’t think about actually taking note of what changes may occur…

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