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Beauty Skin Care July 17, 2017

Summer Facial Trends

woman getting a facial massage

Summer means new trends in makeup, style and hair. Every time we welcome a new season we have the opportunity to welcome new trends. While some trends may not be suitable to you, others might be exactly what you needed. In addition to makeup, style and hair there are new skin care trends! Skin care is something we’re pretty passionate about here at Lionesse (obviously). Since the skin care trends are advancing and changing so often now thanks to technology…

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Skin Care April 14, 2017

The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C

Woman smiling

Vitamin C has always had a great reputation for helping give our immune system a boost. Whether incorporating vitamin C through food sources or supplements, we hear it often in regards to staying healthy. But there are other ways we can benefit from vitamin C and it doesn’t have anything to do with taking supplements. Topical vitamin C has been a growing trend among the skin care industry because of the results users are seeing from the use. If you’ve…

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Skin Care December 26, 2016

Skincare Fads That Should Fade Away

In the skin care world, things are constantly changing and evolving.  There are constantly new products, techniques and treatments hitting the market that promise to provide the results you’ve been looking for all along.  While the skin care world has reached new levels with state of the art ingredients and technology that’s been incorporated to create these products, there are some skin care fads that should fad away.  The truth is, some skin care fads are legit while others are…

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