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Skin Care April 26, 2016

Add the Vitamin C Facial Serum to Your Routine

We hear about the health benefits of vitamin C all the time, but have you thought about adding vitamin C to your skin care routine?  No?  Well, you may want to consider adding it because just like there are countless benefits to taking a vitamin C supplement (for example) there are a ton of incredible benefits to adding a vitamin C serum to our skin care routine. A few of most incredible benefits of adding vitamin C to your routine…

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Skin Care December 21, 2015

Biggest Skincare Questions of 2015

With the year only weeks away from wrapping up, the results have all been tallied as to “the best,” “the worst, ”the biggest,” “the smallest,” “most likely,” “least likely,” and an almost never ending list of other 2015 superlatives that will go down in history as the year’s totals, in year-defining preferences and trends. In the cosmetics industry, the contemporary consumers of today–being so much more savvy than their predecessors–have shown their stuff, as evidenced by the greater depth of…

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