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Lifestyle July 15, 2017

Keep Your Hands Off

Woman touching face

Keep your hands off! Off your skin and face, that is. We know, we know it’s such an easy and seemingly harmless habit to touch your face. Have you ever stopped to think about how often you touch your face on a daily basis? Odds are you touch your face a lot more than you even realize you do. We say it’s seemingly harmless because most of us don’t think that touching our face will or can negatively impact our…

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Beauty March 30, 2017

Your Beauty Tools Require Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your skin and beauty requires multiple different products and tools to really make sure you’re able to make the most of your efforts and the products that you use. While we often hear and talk about the products and tools that we’re using, we’ve realized that there’s not a lot of chatter about the fact that your beauty tools require routine maintenance. The thing is, our beauty tools really do require maintenance on their own. When we…

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Skin Care February 7, 2017

Beauty Solutions for Every Skin Type

woman skin care

Taking care of your skin is something that we all have quite a bit of focus on, most of us realize that in order to have the glowing skin we want we need to take the necessary steps in our beauty routine to achieve it.  In addition to taking care of your skin, your skin type plays a major role in how you care for your skin and the solutions you need to seek out.  We’re sharing our favorite beauty…

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Skin Care June 16, 2015

Skin Care Advice Straight from the 80’s

During the 1980’s, skin care wasn’t the hugest priority for many teens and women. They would wash their face with a cleanser of some sort, and away they’d go. Moisturizing products weren’t hugely popular, yet women did use them. Skin care just wasn’t as important is it is in today’s world. That could partly be due to the fact that there weren’t many claims stating how important facial and skin care was during that time, although skin care was becoming…

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