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Skin Care September 7, 2017

Brightening Dull Or Dehydrated Skin

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Right about now you’re probably starting to notice the toll the summer season may have taken on your skin. You may notice your skin is appearing little dull or dehydrated and let’s face it-we want GLOWING skin. No need to get frustrated though, there are some ways you can start brightening dull or dehydrated skin so you can start the fall season with glowing skin. We’re not holding these tips all to ourselves though, we’re giving you all our favorite…

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Skin Care June 4, 2015

DIY Ways to Brighten Your Face

Skin brightening is an essential part of skin care for some women. Not all women suffer from dark spots, pigmentation problems, or freckles, but for those who do, it can be a battle to try and have brighter, more beautiful skin. Today, Lionesse would like to discuss the benefits of skin brightening with the use of ginger. Ginger is a flowering plant whose roots are harvested and used as a spice in mainly Asian and Indian cultures, as well as…

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Skin Care May 5, 2015

Preparing Your Skin for a Big Day

On special occasions, it’s always fun to dress up and look beautiful. You probably have gone shopping, picked out the perfect outfit, shoes and handbag – but have you taken a minute to think about your skin? Your skin is the first thing people will notice, and therefore, it should be counted just as important. Lionesse is here to the rescue with a basic guide on preparing your skin for a big day – no matter the occasion. Exfoliation Opting…

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