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Skin Care August 22, 2017

Skip These Mistakes When Shaving Your Bikini Line

woman on beach

Spending more time in a swimsuit comes with a variety of emotions. For many women getting into a swimsuit at all can be an emotional task. But we’re not here to talk about the emotions, our goal is to help you feel as great as possible in your swimsuit and part of that is taking care of your bikini line. This time of year our bikini line tends to be on display much more than the rest of the year…

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Beauty Skin Care June 23, 2016

Saving Your Bikini Line

Let’s face it with summer comes bikini season and with bikini season comes taking a little extra time to care for our bikini line.  It’s an extremely delicate area of skin and can get easily irritated when shaving and removing the hair from that area.  Because it’s so delicate it’s essential that you take the necessary steps for taking care of this area.  Rashes, ingrown hairs, etc. aren’t going to go with your favorite swimsuit so we might as well…

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