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Beauty Skin Care July 8, 2017

Simple Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love

Woman with no make up touching face

The skin care industry has become vast and plentiful. If we’re honest, that’s really one of the things we love most about the industry…there’s no lack of options. While we have access to more ingredients and products than ever before, getting back to basics is refreshing some times. Regardless of your personal preferences, there’s no denying that simplicity can work wonders-especially on your skin. We’ve gathered up a list of simple ingredients that your skin will love. If you’re in…

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Skin Care May 12, 2016

Amber’s Power

There are so many incredible, natural products that so many of us aren’t even aware exist.  Amber is one of those natural things that so many people don’t realize hold insane benefits.  Amber itself is actually a tree resin.  Amber is most often made into jewelry and oils.  While it’s not the most commonly used naturally derived product, many people do use it for its incredible health benefits.  We decided to share a few of the most commonly sought after…

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