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Beauty March 30, 2017

Your Beauty Tools Require Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your skin and beauty requires multiple different products and tools to really make sure you’re able to make the most of your efforts and the products that you use. While we often hear and talk about the products and tools that we’re using, we’ve realized that there’s not a lot of chatter about the fact that your beauty tools require routine maintenance. The thing is, our beauty tools really do require maintenance on their own. When we…

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Skin Care August 23, 2016

Clear Skin Advice For Tweens

Achieving clear skin as a tween isn’t always the easiest thing.  With the changes that are happening in your body, diet, and everything else it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to keep or get clear skin.  Fortunately, there are some ways for tweens to get a handle on their skin and help to achieve clearer skin without feeling too frustrated or embarrassed about it.  We’re sharing some of the best tips we’ve discovered to help your tweens get clear skin…

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Beauty August 10, 2016

Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

Removing your makeup every night before bed is one of the most important skin care tips we can suggest you live by.  It’s SO, SO important that you remove your makeup every night – seriously!  If you’re on board with us and you know you need to remove your makeup nightly, but you’re really keen on using products that are more natural we’ve got some great information for you.  There are countless makeup removing products available on the market right…

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Makeup July 2, 2016

Makeup Tips for Beginners

There are so many advanced, difficult to achieve makeup looks floating around social media.  It can be intimidating when we see all these professional makeup looks, when we’re just beginners.  Even if you’ve been wearing makeup for years, you may still be feeling like a beginner when it comes to application and techniques.  So if you’re finding makeup overwhelming, we’re going to share a few of our favorite makeup tips for beginners to help get you on the right path…

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Beauty March 22, 2016

Removing Heavy Makeup

Makeup is a glorious thing for women to use as a form of self-expression, however, it doesn’t come without a few potential hiccups. Whether you’re going out for a fun night out or have a special occasion, when you have a full face of makeup on the way you remove the product is crucial to your skin’s health. Perfecting the makeup removal process is incredibly important, so that means no falling asleep with your makeup on! This holds even truer…

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Skin Care February 26, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Get Glowing

From J.Lo to Kim Kardashian, the current trend is ultra-glowy skin–think blinding levels of light and bronzed beauty. While you probably won’t spend two hours in front of a mirror every morning a la Kardashian, glowy, dewy skin is definitely within reach. Hydrate! This goes without saying, but the best tip for getting glowy, healthy skin is by actually having healthy skin. The quickest way to do this is by drinking tons of water: according to Mayo Clinic, the recommended amount per…

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Beauty Makeup February 24, 2016

Tips for Looking Younger

Age is a beautiful thing: it shows we’ve survived our crazy childhoods, misspent youths, and made it all the way to wrinkles and gray hairs. But it’s often in our best interests to mask some of those aging symptoms, like wrinkled eyes or sunken cheeks. We’ve all seen the grandmas wearing eyebrow-high blue eyeshadow and bright coral lipstick…and while those grandmas are confident (which is 99% of the game), wearing their makeup the same way they did at twenty is…

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Beauty Makeup February 15, 2016

1940s Makeup Trends We Love

The 1940s were a tumultuous time for the United States. Our troops were sent overseas to fight in World War II, rationing (although much more lenient than other countries at the time) made access to beauty basics tougher, and women were working factory jobs in order to keep the American economy going. Despite these hardships, the 1940s was a time of glamour, and according to the United States National Labour Statistics Bureau, lipstick sales actually increased during that time. In…

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Beauty Skin Care January 6, 2016

The Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin

If you are like most women, you spend a decent amount of time on looking your best–with cosmetics and hairstyles, clothing and style. Maybe you perform routine skin care therapies like exfoliators, peels and the latest finds for luminous skin. You check out your look in the mirror and make sure you have everything in place, and add or take away to your makeup before you leave the house. Additionally, if you are like a lot of people, you enjoy…

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Skin Care January 4, 2016

Post Holiday Skin Care Tips

If your holiday season is on its way to wrapping up, if you are beginning to feel like you probably should have given yourself a little more attention over the past whirlwind of activities celebrating the holidays, you’re not alone. It is fairly common to wind up on the other end of the more intensely packed times of life only to discover that we’ve given ourselves the short end of the stick, with insufficient attention paid to our health and…

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