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Makeup August 19, 2017

Choosing The Right Make Up Remover

woman removing makeup

Removing your makeup is an absolute must in your daily beauty routine. If you apply makeup, you MUST remove it before heading to bed no matter how tired you are. The truth is, removing your makeup can help keep your skin healthy and happy which is why it’s so important to your routine. Whether you’re using a makeup remover or not, choosing the RIGHT makeup remover is just as important as removing your makeup. Similar to the skin care products…

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Beauty March 22, 2016

Removing Heavy Makeup

Makeup is a glorious thing for women to use as a form of self-expression, however, it doesn’t come without a few potential hiccups. Whether you’re going out for a fun night out or have a special occasion, when you have a full face of makeup on the way you remove the product is crucial to your skin’s health. Perfecting the makeup removal process is incredibly important, so that means no falling asleep with your makeup on! This holds even truer…

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Skin Care June 30, 2015

Secret Skin Sabotagers

Most of us know we need to cleanse our faces on a daily basis, stay away from picking at zits, and always remove our makeup at night before bed to have great skin. Did you know that there are other things you may or may not be doing which can cause breakouts and oily skin as well? Some of the things you do on a daily basis, which you may think are harmless, might actually be breaking you out –…

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Skin Care June 22, 2015

Skin Care Tips for Cancer Girls

Cancer girls are known for their moody, yet oftentimes sweet, personalities. They are considered to be the nurturer of the zodiac chart, and are always in the mood for some good conversation. They are naturally pretty, and look fantastic with a natural makeup look. When it comes to the skin care that should be followed by a Cancer sign, there’s more than meets the eye. Lionesse takes a look at some of the best skin care tips and advice that…

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