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Skin Care September 9, 2017

Try A Plant-Based Diet For Clearer Skin

Plant-based diets have been growing in popularity. Chances are you or someone you know have considered a plant-based diet in recent years. With continued information coming out about how much what we eat affects our skin and its appearance, many people are taking their diets much more seriously and finding results with different methods that have never been considered to impact our skin before. Many plant-based enthusiasts suggest that you may want to try a plant-based diet for clearer skin.…

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Skin Care September 7, 2017

Brightening Dull Or Dehydrated Skin

woman looking in mirror

Right about now you’re probably starting to notice the toll the summer season may have taken on your skin. You may notice your skin is appearing little dull or dehydrated and let’s face it-we want GLOWING skin. No need to get frustrated though, there are some ways you can start brightening dull or dehydrated skin so you can start the fall season with glowing skin. We’re not holding these tips all to ourselves though, we’re giving you all our favorite…

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Skin Care September 5, 2017

Reduce The Appearance Of Oily Skin And Blemishes

woman popping pimple

Oily skin and blemishes yield their own struggles, especially when you’re eager to hide them! They’re incredibly common skin concerns, but they still tend to cause a lot of frustration and lack of positive results for so many people. If you want to reduce the appearance of oily skin and blemishes you’re in the right place because we’ve done a bit of digging on your behalf and found some tips and tricks we think you’re going to find provide great…

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Skin Care September 2, 2017

Know The Difference: Burn Or Allergy

Woman sun burn

Summer is filled with long days, sunshine, and warm temperatures. What’s not to love about that combination, right? Of course, the downside to all of this is the sun is at its highest intensity this time of year which can cause some problems for our skin. We’re sure you already know how important it is to keep your skin well protected from the sun this time of year, but we know that life happens and sometimes you have some skin…

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Skin Care August 31, 2017

Treat Yourself To Flawless Skin

woman touching face

Flawless skin: the epitome of what we all aspire to achieve. Ever feel like everyone around you is able to achieve flawless skin, but it’s a continuous struggle for you? The truth is, getting that flawless skin isn’t easy for anyone. Even celebrities and models have to take certain steps and adapt certain habits to obtain the flawless skin we all aspire to have ourselves. Lucky for you, we’re going to share you some essential tips to treat yourself to…

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Beauty August 26, 2017

The One Spot You’re Probably Forgetting To Exfoliate

woman eyebrows

We’re big fans of exfoliating around here at Lionesse. Exfoliating is something that we often discuss and share the benefits of because there’s so much to gain in your skin’s health by applying exfoliating habits to your routine. Hopefully, you’ve heard us stress how much you can gain from exfoliating all of your skin and started to apply the tips to your daily routine. Exfoliating is something that needs to be done consistently and regularly to maintain skin health. We’ve…

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Skin Care August 24, 2017

A Simple Skin Care Routine That Works

woman washing face

Do you want a simple skin care routine that works? We know, that’s probably an obvious question but we wanted to make sure you’re in the right place! Skin care has become such a massive industry in itself, with countless products and treatments available to us it’s easy to get into the mindset that we need to be using EVERYTHING in order to achieve results. While there are products, when added strategically, that can provide incredible results to your skin…

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Skin Care August 22, 2017

Skip These Mistakes When Shaving Your Bikini Line

woman on beach

Spending more time in a swimsuit comes with a variety of emotions. For many women getting into a swimsuit at all can be an emotional task. But we’re not here to talk about the emotions, our goal is to help you feel as great as possible in your swimsuit and part of that is taking care of your bikini line. This time of year our bikini line tends to be on display much more than the rest of the year…

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Lifestyle Skin Care August 21, 2017

Smoothie Recipes for Smooth Skin

woman with pink smoothie

Smooth skin from smoothies? If you’re like many other individuals, using all the latest and greatest skin care products is a common habit to achieving smooth skin. Whether you’re a product junkie, or you head into the spa for treatments regularly these are all great habits to have. That being said, there’s been a big link between what we put in our bodies and the appearance of our skin. Experts have found that by consuming certain foods and beverages, we…

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Makeup August 19, 2017

Choosing The Right Make Up Remover

woman removing makeup

Removing your makeup is an absolute must in your daily beauty routine. If you apply makeup, you MUST remove it before heading to bed no matter how tired you are. The truth is, removing your makeup can help keep your skin healthy and happy which is why it’s so important to your routine. Whether you’re using a makeup remover or not, choosing the RIGHT makeup remover is just as important as removing your makeup. Similar to the skin care products…

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