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Beauty Skin Care May 27, 2017

The Beauty Products You Need To Use Every Day

lip balm

It often seems like every day we can turn around and there’s a hot new beauty product on the market. The beauty industry is never dull, or at a standstill, with new trends and products emerging constantly. We’re all about trying different products, treatments and techniques to adapt into your skin care as needed…but what about the basics? Sometimes with all the newness around us, it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty products you need to use every day.…

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Makeup April 19, 2017

Five Reasons Why It’s Really Bad To Share Beauty Products

Friends doing makeup

Beauty products are something that we all use, on a daily basis. Regardless of how many products you use, you do use some. It’s often a habit to share things with your friends, family members and even significant others…especially beauty products. Whether you’re at home and ran out, you just always share them, or you’re traveling sharing beauty products isn’t out of the norm for many people. The downside to this is, it’s actually not ideal to share beauty products.…

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Beauty Makeup February 24, 2016

Tips for Looking Younger

Age is a beautiful thing: it shows we’ve survived our crazy childhoods, misspent youths, and made it all the way to wrinkles and gray hairs. But it’s often in our best interests to mask some of those aging symptoms, like wrinkled eyes or sunken cheeks. We’ve all seen the grandmas wearing eyebrow-high blue eyeshadow and bright coral lipstick…and while those grandmas are confident (which is 99% of the game), wearing their makeup the same way they did at twenty is…

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Beauty Skin Care February 22, 2016

Tips for Kissable Lips

Need to prepare for a night with your significant other? Follow these easy tips for soft, kissable lips! You’re going out on a date: you’ve done your hair, your makeup looks perfect, and your outfit has been obsessed over. You look gorgeous! The last thing you want is for the grand crescendo–the kiss–to end with crusty awkwardness because of some dry lips. Don’t worry: soft, kissable lips are very easy to obtain. Exfoliate! This part is essential. In order to properly…

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Beauty Skin Care February 17, 2016

Classic Glamour Secrets: Olive Oil & Petroleum Jelly

If you’re of a certain age, you probably watched your grandmother slather on cold cream at night, swear by Vaseline, and do all other sorts of outdated beauty routines that you don’t typically find practiced today. But your grandmother had a point (as they always do): some old-school beauty secrets are definitely worth keeping around. One of the most common old-school classic glamour secrets is olive oil. Olive oil is a super versatile, readily available oil, with little-to-no scent and…

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Hair Skin Care November 11, 2015

Could Your Skin Care be Messing with Your Hair?

You may already know that what you put on your hair can affect the health of your skin. Harsh chemicals in hair spray or styling gels can dry out the skin, and oil products like deep conditioners can cause the skin to be too greasy and become clogged. Both problems can cause breakouts and other problems with the skin. But did you know that what you put on your face may actually be affecting your hair also? From moisturizing creams…

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Beauty November 4, 2015

Biggest Beauty Products of the 1950’s

The 1950’s were a banner decade for makeup. Innovations in science led to new chemicals, colors, and products that were never seen before. Women now had more choices than ever, and movie stars and models were available in magazines and on TV for daily inspiration and trend setting. Innovations in homemaking also meant that women had greater amounts of leisure time, which led to more women’s magazines with ads for the newest products of the day. We’re going to explore…

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Beauty June 2, 2015

Packing Your Beauty Items for a Weekend Getaway

When you’re planning for a weekend getaway, the last thing you’ll probably do is pack your suitcase and get ready to hit the road. Let’s suppose all of your clothes are packed, and you’ve got everything you need ready. Now, it’s time to pack your beauty items. Are you sure what you should bring? Are you just aimlessly throwing products into a makeup bag, simply because they’re your favorites? The items you pack for a weekend getaway should be based…

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