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Synthetic Humectants for Your Anti-Aging Routine

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Do you have an anti-aging routine? Many of us are focused on using skin care products that are going to assist in preventing signs of aging from showing up on the surface of our skin. It’s the reason the anti-aging realm of the skin care world continues to grow at an accelerated rate. There are countless different types of anti-aging products available, with even more variety of ingredients used in those different products. Humectants have been getting quite a lot of attention lately, so we thought we would discuss synthetic humectants for your anti-aging routine to give you a little more information about them.

If you’re not familiar with the term humectants, let’s start by first talking about what they are before we dive into the other details. Humectants are commonly used in skin care products because of their ability to draw moisture to the surface of the skin. They’re often used because they draw moisture to the surface from the lower levels of your skin. Moisture is a huge asset in skin care, especially when your focus is on anti-aging. When our skin lacks enough moisture in the surface, it tends to show signs of aging much more prominently.

Synthetic humectants have been growing in usage among the skin care world because they’re often much less expensive to use than natural forms of humectants. Much like any other synthetic version of an ingredient, synthetic humectants are formulated in a way that’s said to help them function just like the natural forms. In the case of humectants, they’re formulated to help add more moisture to the surface of the skin to assist with fighting signs of aging.

There are a few commonly used synthetic humectants that we’ve noticed among the industry. Propylene glycol, silicone, urea are among some of those synthetic forms of humectants used in these types of products. They’re all formulated to help with that moisture and hydration in the skin, as well as claiming to assist in creating a much softer look at feel to your skin’s surface. All of these sound great, especially when your main focus in your skin care routine is to fight aging.

All in all, there’s a reason that humectants are so commonly used in anti-aging products-they yield great results. One of the things to consider with synthetic forms of any type of ingredient used in skin care is the quality of them. This really rings true to any skin care products, but we urge you to do your research even  more when it comes to synthetic ingredients. Some experts argue that synthetic versions of humectants aren’t effective in the long term effect, but it’s really up to you to decide the best option for yourself. The great part about synthetic humectants is that they’re able to provide similar results to the natural version at a fraction of the price.

Do you think you would try synthetic humectants in your anti-aging routine?

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    I would love to try your products sounds awesome and I’m getting older starting to show.

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      Lionesse is the ONLY way to go for me! There products have shaved years off.

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    I would definitely want to try synthetics! Anything to fight aging!

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    I would love to try and see how I can look younger with your products. Being 55 I sure could use a little extra help with maintaing my youthfulness.

  • Reply Loretta July 26, 2017 at 5:50 am

    I would try synthetic humectants, though I would do a little research because I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the chemicals I use in my skin care and make up. I was alarmed to learn all the ingredients that are banned in Europe that we still use freely here in the US. Luckily though we do have the internet at our disposal and can always do a little research and make an informed decision that pleases our skin and our pocket books.

  • Reply Jim Fusco July 26, 2017 at 6:02 am

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    I am all about moisturizing my skin and this sounds like a fantastic way to help keep my skin looking younger by using synthetic humectants as a way to retain moisture. I would love to win this! Thank you for the chance Lionesse.

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    I’ve never heard of synthetic humectants before! Thank you very much for telling us about them. These products sound AMAZING!!

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    Anti-aging routine hitting even me( Thanks!

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    This would be a treat to try. Reading about synthetic humectants leaves me thinking my skin would need all the hydration possible in skin care. With that being said, cost is cheaper for this so with the cost of this. I would surely be purchasing a product made to work. Love to see that on my face 😉

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  • Reply Gabrielle July 26, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    I think, as with any synthetic ingredient, I would research each humectant before I would decide whether or not it was appropriate for my skincare routine. Thanks for explaining why synthetics are used and naming some of the most common synthetic humectants.

  • Reply Corry L. July 26, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    My skin sure could use some TLC with amazing Lionesse products! Thanks so much for the chance!

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    Sounds like a miracle in bottle!! Can’t wait for mine to come in the mail!!

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    If they work, I would definitely use them!

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    these products sound awesome

  • Reply Shane A August 20, 2017 at 11:42 am

    I didn’t know there was products that actually drew moisture to the surface of the skin. And yes I agree it’s makes a huge difference. You can really tell if you look in the mirror after a night of drinking. Stay hydrated!

  • Reply Kim Styles August 20, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    since an early menapause my skin needs extra care. what you say makes sense and I am reviewing what type of products I should be using

  • Reply Kim M August 20, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Would love to try – great giveaway x

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    Sounds like my kind of cream.

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    Great contest thank you, looks like a wonderful product.

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    This would make a great 50th Birthday present for myself…Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity!!

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    I would love to try this

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    I would try synthetic humectants. I believe in trying anything that could improve the appearance of my skin. Lionesse is one of the lines I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet but I would love to. My skin is showing signs of aging. And I know I have dry skin and problems with keeping it hydrated.

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    Sounds like great products

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    Thanks for the great competition and prize. Good luck everyone.

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    My face was prematurely aged by a facial assault I suffered a few years ago so I am keen to try any products that could improve the condition of my skin and the appearance the damage.

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    Thanks for explaining what synthetic humectants are. Yes, I think I would try synthetic humectants in my anti-aging routine, especially because dryness is one of the issues I have to deal with when it comes to my skin. Also, I am intrigued that they might work as well as natural forms of humectants, but not cost as much.

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