Skin Care June 13, 2015

Summer Skin Care Myths

There are many things people think, say, or hear through the grapevine when it comes to caring for our skin in general – but when it comes to summer skin care, it seems there are more myths than truth floating around. Today, Lionesse breaks down some of the most common skin care misconceptions and brings you the truth behind the lies here today in the article below. We hope this article will prove helpful and get you on the right track to proper skin care throughout the summer months.

Woman applying sunscreen on a cloudy day.

Myth No. 1: I can’t get a sunburn if it’s cloudy outside.
This is one of the most widespread myths that couldn’t be any further from the truth. The sun’s rays are very capable of penetrating through the cloudiest of days, and they can and will wreak havoc on your skin if given the chance to. To avoid premature aging and potential sun burns, be sure to wear sunscreen every chance you get when you are going to be spending time outdoor at all – even if you are only taking a walk down the street and back.

Woman getting a fake tan

Myth No. 2: Tanning beds and booths are safer than spending time in the sun.
This, too, is one of the most widespread myths around, and also couldn’t be further from the truth. The use of tanning beds or booths has caused great concern for organizations such as the American Cancer Society, as more and more young women and men are opting for the use of these methods to develop and maintain a tan. These tanning options are completely unsafe, no matter how often or how little you use them. Tanning beds use UVA radiation, which actually translates to Ultra Violet Aging radiation. What this does is penetrate the skin deeper than would spending time in the sun, giving you more risk for developing premature wrinkles, age spots, and lines – and also, increasing your risk for skin cancer significantly. Avoid tanning booths and beds at all costs – because the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Woman applying sunscreen in a beach.

Myth No. 3: SPF 100 blocks out all of the UV rays from the sun.
This is not true, believe it or not. SPF 100 actually does offer a great amount of protection to the skin, but you are not 100% protected. In fact, SPF 100 will only block out 99% of UV rays. That’s pretty great protection, for sure, and you’re probably thinking with a level that high you’d have nothing to worry about. But if you were to spend enough time in the sun even with such a high level of skin protection, you would see the sun still had its way with your skin. The best thing you can do is to use a high level of SPF protection such as 100, but you should also limit the amount of time spent in the sun to protect your skin from any damage that will ensue.

Woman wearing a white shirt in a beach.

Myth No. 4: I can’t burn through clothes.
Wrong. You can burn through clothes – and that’s why no matter what you should always wear sun protection such as a good SPF containing Titanium Dioxide and Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate within the ingredients to offer your skin the best protection. Granted, covering up your skin is a great method for protecting your skin further from damage – but incorporating another sun protection method is always the best practice.

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