Skin Care November 8, 2016

Stay On Top Of Moles And Other Changes In Your Skin

It’s National Healthy Skin Month and we thought this was the perfect time to chat a bit more about keeping your skin as healthy as you can.  There are so many different factors that go into having healthy skin.  But one thing that’s become incredibly known to be essential to skin care health is to stay on top of moles and other changes in your skin.  So often we don’t think about actually taking note of what changes may occur in our skin, until it’s too late.  We’re going to share how and why you need to keep up with the changes for your skin’s health.

dr examining mole

Early Detections
Skincare experts continue to suggest that the more we’re aware of our skin and anything that’s going on, the better we’re able to really catch anything that doesn’t look abnormal and really take advantage of early detection.  Early detection has become an increasingly important thing when it comes to our skin, and catching any changes.  If you haven’t been, it’s time to start taking advantage of keeping note of your skin and any changes going on so should any problems arise you’re able to detect them much earlier on and get them taken care of properly.

Set A Routine
When it comes to staying on top of moles and other changes in your skin, experts suggest one of the best things to do is to make time every month or so to do a full body check.  It’s like so many other things in our lives, if we don’t make it a routine and habit and actually schedule it – we’ll NEVER get it done or actually get around to it.  So pick one day a month or so and schedule the time to actually do a body check of your skin, take note of any changes and keep an eye on them a bit more.

Be Thorough
The thing about our skin is it literally takes up our whole body, so it can be difficult to figure out how to actually do a skin check.  Experts suggest asking for assistance with this from a loved one, so they’re able to help you see the areas you struggle to.  If you’re not sure how to actually do a skin/body check, experts suggest the best way to go about it is to literally just remove your clothing and scan ALL of your skin throughout your body and look for any changes.  As you get in the habit of checking your skin, you may not notice any changes (which is great), but since you’ll be in the habit of looking at your skin and aware of what your skin is like in certain areas you will notice if anything is different.  Being thorough is crucial to making sure you’re able to really take advantage of doing a skin check.  Ask for help if you need it, but make sure you’re taking note of anything that doesn’t seem or look normal, so you’re able to ask your professional the next time you see them.

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