Skin Care May 24, 2016

SPF & Skin Care Products

We’ve heard the importance of SPF, we literally can’t escape people talking about it (as we share more information on it).  But with the weather heating up in the Northern hemisphere we need the reminders, since still often forget to incorporate SPF in as many ways as possible.  It’s important to realize that SPF can and should be applied in more ways than just your traditional SPF lotion products.  Many companies and brands have created other types of products that allow us to get SPF protection and incorporate them easily into our daily lives.  We’re breaking down a few ways to incorporate SPF through non-traditional skin care products to help get you started.

Woman applying moisturizer

While we often think of SPF lotion that we apply when we’re at the beach or pool, it’s actually really important to include a moisturizer that has SPF in it to your daily routine.  So if your current daily moisturizer doesn’t have SPF, consider making a switch to one that does.  This way you’re going to get that extra protection daily.

You may not realize that your makeup can be doing double duty!  Many makeup brands, specifically those that are mineral based actually incorporate (or naturally have) SPF.  Using a makeup line that has SPF built into the products, at least the foundation/powders, is another great way for you to have additional protection without having to actually add any additional steps you aren’t already doing in your daily beauty routine.  That’s the great part about makeup with SPF in it, you’re already applying makeup so why not get the added bonus of makeup that has additional SPF in it to up your skin care game.

Woman applying lip balm

Lip Balm
Probably one of the most forgotten areas of the skin when it comes to applying SPF is the lips.  Most people don’t think of their lips actually needed SPF protection as well, but our lips are quite sensitive so it’s an incredibly important area to take care of from the sun.  Thankfully, many brands have actually created lip balms specifically formulated with SPF right in them.  This is such a great combination because we’re getting the SPF plus the moisturizing effect from the lip balm.  Plus, it’s an easy way to add some protection to a delicate, and often forgotten area of your skin.

As the temperatures rise it’s going to be more and more important that you’re adding SPF to your daily routine in as many different ways as you can.  This will help keep your skin protected from the sun.  With more and more SPF skin care products coming out it’s easier than ever for us to add SPF to our beauty routine, without having to add any additional work for ourselves in the morning.  Decide how you’re going to incorporate some of these new SPF skin care products into your daily routine – your skin will thank us when you’re sunburn free!

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