Makeup May 9, 2017

Spend A Little Extra Time On Those Brows

woman doing eyebrows

There’s something about the summer season that’s really all about keeping the beauty routine as easy and natural as possible. Ok, it’s probably because the warmer weather and relaxed vibes we all tend to experience during the summer months. One of our favorite makeup looks for the summer is focusing on bold eyebrows and dewy skin, it’s natural but also gives your look a little glowing definition with the combination of these two elements. It’s time to spend a little extra time on those brows this summer, and we’re sharing some of our tips to achieving the dewy skin and bold brow combination.

It’s All About Technique With Your Brows
When you’re focusing on creating a bold brow look, technique is everything. For starters, it’s important to make sure that you have a good brow shape for your face. Going to an expert in the brow world is going to help you to make sure they’ve been shaped and tamed in a way that’s flattering for you. While it may seem like enough to just get your brows shaped up every so often, filling in your brows with brow product is really going to help you create that bold brow look that frames your face and adds gorgeous definition. Beauty gurus everywhere suggest using a pencil or angled brush to apply the product, started by creating a line on the bottom of the brow. Once you’ve created the line on the bottom of the brow, do the same thing on the top starting in the middle of the brow and working your way towards the outer corner. After you’ve created the defined lines use the product to fill in the middle of the brows and add a bit more volume to where you may have some sparse hairs. The last step is to use a spoolie brush to blend the product together and create a more natural look to your brows. Your brows should be pretty defined and bold at this point, but to tie it all together use a concealer to highlight the under brow area and clean up the line by using a brush to apply the concealer along the bottom of the brow.

Highlight to Create the Dewy Look
Creating dewy skin is a great way to look and feel fresh for the summer season, and a great natural addition to bold brows. Anytime you’re looking to create a dewy skin look it’s important to make sure that you’re starting the process by applying a great quality moisturizer to your face. Apply a lightweight foundation to your skin, after you’ve applied your foundation focusing on adding a highlighting product to your skin is going to give your skin that gorgeous dewiness. Crème based highlighting products are great to add to the moisturized glow in a dewy look. Apply the crème highlighting product to the tops of your cheekbones, right above your lips and around the temple area. Blend everything together and set with a powder, add your favorite bronzing product to add a little contour and you’re good to go!

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