Skin Care January 24, 2017

Solutions for Oily Skin

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Do you have oily skin?  You’ve probably tried a wide range of skin care products to try to curb some of the oiliness in your skin, but may not have quite gotten the results you were hoping for.  By now, you know that we’re all about bringing you the best tips and also making sure that we cover specific tips for everyone.  We’re sharing some of our favorite solutions for oily skin, so if you have oily skin this post is for you!  Keep reading to get our favorite solutions for you.

Get a Cleanser That’s Going to Work With Your Skin
Those with oily skin tend to feel as though they need to look for cleansers that are going to have more drying elements to them to counteract the oiliness.  However, that’s just not the case.  Finding a good cleanser for oily skin is like finding a cleanser for any other skin type – to get a cleanser that works best with your skin you need to find one that’s been formulated for oily skin.  Experts suggest steering clear of cleansers that have alcohol in them, as they can be too drying and harsh on your skin – and they can actually eliminate too much oil from your skin.  Many experts are actually suggesting oil based cleansers for those with oily skin, because it’s believed that oil helps with oil.  If that’s not quite something you’re comfortable make sure you choose something that’s designed for your skin type for the best results.

Don’t Skip Moisturizing
Many people with oily skin tend to steer clear from applying much moisturizing products to their skin in fear that it will add more oil to their skin.  Oily skin, just like the other skin types, needs moisture to be able to make sure it’s functioning and healthy.  In fact, when oily skin doesn’t have enough moisture in it, it tends to start to develop even more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.  Of course, much like with the cleansers you want to ensure that you’re using a moisturizer that’s going to be specifically formulated to work with oily skin types for the best results.  And we can’t forget to mention, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water!


Be Mindful of Your Makeup
We’re all about makeup and having fun with it, but when you have oily skin, it’s essential that you’re sure to not use makeup products that could be making your oily skin even worse.  Look for makeup brands and products (especially foundations) that are non-comedogenic.  Those types of makeup products are made to ensure you don’t clog your pores – when you have oily skin using makeup products that could clog pores could lead to breakouts and your skin appearing even more oily as a result.  Make sure you’re mindful of using makeup that’s not going to cause your skin any additional stress and oil.

In general, we find that those with oily skin feel that washing their skin more often helps with the oil in their skin.  Resist the urge and stick to a morning and evening skin care routine for the best results.

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